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Jurgen Klopp reveals the complexity involved in Liverpool’s summer recruitment



Jurgen Klopp reveals complex criteria of choosing summer transfer targets

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has revealed the intricacies involved in strengthening what is already tagged as “the strongest team in the world”, according to a report published in The Independent.

Liverpool are considerably ahead of second-placed Manchester City as they take another step closer to a first league title in 30 years. Klopp is adamant not to betray the recruitment policy that has turned the Reds into what they are today.

According to the report, the Reds do not expect to lose any core player this summer and will not spend over the top unless a gamechanger in the mold of Virgil van Dijk or Alisson Becker becomes available.

The criteria the club look for in prospective players is the age, capacity to improve and also the willingness to do so. Prime examples of such a profile would be Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mane.

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Klopp is very certain of the type of players he wants to sign . (Liverpool FC/ Getty Images)

Apart from the aforementioned qualities, any incoming player will also have to be patient in order to become a regular. It comes as hardly a surprise with the starting XI pretty much selecting themselves.

Patience is a virtue

The team’s success has seen the likes of Kylian Mbappe and Timo Werner sing praises of the Reds. The latter even went as far as to label us the best team in the world.

Klopp admits that such a profile is a double-edged sword. Success on the pitch makes attracting players easy but then they may not necessarily get the playing time they desire.

The German wants players who want to fight for their spot and improve together with the team. He stressed on the club already employing players of that mentality and will look to do so with future incomings as well.

“We have these players and whoever wants to join us, needs to have exactly this kind of attitude.”

The right player at the right time

Given the age group of the players at the club, Klopp believes that Liverpool are good for the next two to three years. Terming it an interesting period he hinted that changes may need to be made after that.

He pointed to the club’s business last summer when we signed Adrian, Harvey Elliott, and Sepp van der Berg. The team has if anything performed much better this season in spite of no major signings. The German also conceded that although the club will look to make the right decisions,the market may determine how it gets done.

“We want the right player, we don’t just sign any.”

Klopp goes on to reveal that the rise of the club as a powerhouse also provides immunity from other sides poaching your best talent. There aren’t many teams who can take players off Liverpool right now.

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Although the club has been doing well, Klopp admits that he and his side do not necessarily view them as the best team in the world.