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Liverpool star admits he felt good watching Man City lose to Man United

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By Pranav Ravindrannair

Andy Robertson admits to having a nice feeling watching Man Utd defeat Man City

It is not often that Liverpool fans or players cheer on a Manchester United victory. Reds defender Andy Robertson will have been one of the many who celebrated the Red Devils’ victory in the Manchester derby last Sunday.

According to the Mirror, the Liverpool left-back admitted to having a “nice feeling” after watching our arch-rivals triumph over Pep Guardiola’s team. The biggest winners of the result have been Liverpool, who are now an incredible 25 points ahead of City in the title race.

Jurgen Klopp’s side need just six more points to guarantee the title and could be in line for a guard of honour when they visit the Etihad.

Andy Robertson
Andy Robertson enjoyed United’s triumph in the Manchester Derby

Robertson was able to sit back and relax as our biggest rivals defeated our closest competitors to give us a huge advantage. The Scotsman admitted that he did indeed watch what he thought was a very good game of football.

“I watched it, yeah. A good game of football.”

He went on to add that nerves aren’t an issue. Liverpool and City competed in a title challenge for the ages as both sides recorded staggering numbers in the league last season. The Citizens eventually ended up lifting the trophy after beating the Reds by a single point.

The result promises to be very different this time, with the Reds looking to romp to the championship.

“It was a good game and obviously the result favored us. That’s the way it is.”

Andy Robertson
Andy Robertson has been phenomenal for Liverpool

United’s victory was also a morale booster for them as they strive to challenge Jurgen Klopp’s Reds in the foreseeable future. The prospect of our biggest rivals’ resurgence is unlikely to spoil the celebrations.

“It took us one step closer to what we’ve all dreamed of.”

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Robertson missed Liverpool’s victory over Bournemouth last Saturday with an injury.