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“The worst place to lose” – Man United legend Neville reveals Anfield nightmares from his playing days



Gary Neville found Anfield a daunting place to play at

Manchester United Gary Neville has no love for Liverpool. It is understandable that the former Red Devils skipper did not enjoy playing at the home of his arch-rivals – Anfield.

The legendary stadium on Merseyside is one of Europe’s daunting arenas with more than one team falling prey to the intimidating atmosphere. Despite United’s dominance in the Premier League, they were not exempt from the effects.

Speaking to Robbie Fowler on Sky’s Soccerbox programme (h/t Liverpool Echo), Neville has revealed how he never felt safe playing at Anfield. This was due to the incredible atmosphere generated by the Liverpool faithful.

Gary Neville hated playing at Anfield

You can see the pain in Neville’s eyes as he dons a Liverpool jersey

The United star revealed that he was left in awe at the aura and has termed it a mad place for an opposition player to play at. He also touched upon the power of the crowd, and the trouble they generated for opposition players.

“You are never safe there. If that crowd gets up, you are done.”

He also opened up on his distaste for Liverpool’s anthem – ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’. The PA system usually puts on the song towards the end of games. Neville revealed that the song beginning to play was a sign that his team was in trouble.

Anfield has defeated more than one team

The atmosphere at Anfield has been the bane of a number of teams

The worst place to lose!

Nevile also admitted that it was the worst place in the world to lose to.

“It was the worst place to lose in the world. It was the worst place to lose.”

Considering his anti-Liverpool rhetoric both on and off the field, it is nothing unexpected. It’s not like he would have been serenaded with ‘Glory Glory Man United’ with a basket of cupcakes while at it. A self-obsessed song if ever there was one, the United chant also sickens every Liverpool supporter out there.

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It’s good to know that even when we were dealing with mediocrity we managed to get under the skins of our then successful arch-rivals. With Liverpool looking set to reclaim the league this season, Neville should be offered a front-row seat to the celebrations at Anfield.


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