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[Video] Liverpool staff and players come together to send heartfelt message to healthcare workers

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By Pranav Ravindrannair

Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool thank health care workers around the world

We are all used to paying tribute to our Anfield heroes every matchday. Given the pandemic spreading chaos around the world, the club has made an effort to pay respects to the real heroes stepping up and saving lives as we speak.

Health care workers across the world are fighting on the front lines in the battle against coronavirus and have been hailed for their efforts by everyone at Liverpool Football Club.

In a video published on the club’s Youtube channel, the who’s who at the club came together to convey their thanks to the medical professionals across the world.

The video brings forward words of gratitude from the staff, men’s and women’s teams. With more than 19 nations represented by the folks in the video, the club has sent a universal message that we are in it together and will remain thankful to the ones responsible for keeping us safe.

With cases on the rise across the world, medical professionals have had to work against overwhelming odds and lack of supplies to string together a response. It is good to know that their selfless deeds have not gone unnoticed.

The club’s gesture comes on the same day that people around the UK have taken part in a “Clap for Carers” tribute. It was an initiative taken to salute the NHS and care workers dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

What needs to be done

According to The Athletic, the club have been active in doing their bit to the community in these troubled times. All casual workers at the club will still be paid while the club has endorsed support for food banks across the city. The club has also reached out to the community through the LFC Connect initiative.

Liverpool FC have come together to post a thank you message to health care staff
Liverpool have thanked medical staff across the world for their efforts

As Klopp had mentioned earlier, we are not doctors, and it is good to see the club step up and do what they can. It could very well make a world of difference for those affected.

The Royal Family and the prime minister also joined the well-wishers who flocked to their balconies and windows to applaud. A message from the NHS on social media described the tribute as “emotional”.

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Football has not been left unaffected by the emergency. Matches have been put on hold across Europe with the Premier League suspended until April 30. Liverpool needs just six more points to guarantee the title and could return to action away to Arsenal on May 2.