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“It obviously wouldn’t be nice”: Rival star backs Liverpool to be crowned Premier League champions

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By Pranav Ravindrannair

Manchester City star Ilkay Gundogan backs Liverpool for title

With the coronavirus pandemic throwing the current football season into chaos, what happens next is anyone’s guess.

Liverpool are currently 25 points clear of their nearest challengers and need just six more points from nine games to clinch the title. In spite of such a commanding lead, a number of pundits and former players are peddling the agenda that the Reds should be denied a well-earnt title.

One such player who thinks otherwise is Manchester City star Ilkay Gundogan. According to German broadcaster ZDF (h/t BBC), the 29-year-old midfielder is under no illusion that the Reds will be worthy winners of this season’s competition.

Ilkay Gundogan believes Liverpool are worthy winners
Gundogan has acknowledged the Reds’ supremacy this season

Gundogan admitted to being fine, with Liverpool being awarded the title if the season is cut short. He also went on to add that as a sportsman, one has to be fair. The Reds have consistently outplayed their opponents and their huge lead is no fluke.

“For me, that would be OK, yes.”

The midfielder went on to acknowledge that football authorities faced a difficult decision. A decision to cancel the season would have an impact at both ends of the Premier League table.

“For clubs who have had a very good season, it obviously wouldn’t be nice if it was canceled now”

Gundogan worked with Klopp at Dormund
Gundogan played under Klopp at Dortmund

All for one, one for all

Gundogan also added that he would be prepared to take a pay cut if needed. European giants Juventus and Borussia Dortmund have already gone down that route in asking players to accept reduced wages so that other staff members can be paid. So far, there has been no such discussion of it being implemented in England yet.

There is no argument that Jurgen Klopp’s side have been the best team in England this season. It is heartening to see that our rivals are stepping above petty agendas to give our team the respect they richly deserve.

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Premier League clubs are due to meet next on 3rd April. Any further extension of the suspension of fixtures will take the current season past the official end of the English Football League calendar. It remains to be seen what the decision is and how it will impact the clubs.