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“Frozen like Han Solo”- Celebrity Liverpool fan uses Star Wars reference to explain club’s predicament



John Oliver compares Liverpool’s predicament to iconic Star Wars scene

The uncertainty involving the current football season has left a number of fans frustrated, especially Liverpool supporters. Celebrities aren’t exempt from the same as displayed by ‘Last Week Tonight’ host John Oliver.

The television show host is one of Liverpool’s most famous celebrity fans. According to the Liverpool Echo, he was once again seen discussing the club’s predicament with the Late Show host Stephen Colbert.

It is a well-known fact that Oliver is a Red. He has occasionally chosen to mention his allegiance while also sharing funny tidbits regarding his experience as a supporter.

John Oliver is a big fan of the Reds

John Oliver has often talked of his allegiance to the Reds

Colbert made use of the opportunity to ask him how he was handling the Premier League being cancelled. Oliver wasted no time in correcting his counterpart that the league has only been postponed and not cancelled. He also went on to add that the Reds were indeed leading the table on their way to the first league title in thirty years.

It was clear from the interaction that Colbert lacked an understanding of the English football scene. Oliver ensured that he got his point across by making use of a Star Wars anecdote.

He revealed that the Reds are almost champions while comparing the league being halted to Han Solo being frozen in ‘The Empire Strikes Back’. It was pretty smart by Oliver to make use of a reference that Americans can understand.

John Oliver

John Oliver is a rabid Liverpool fan

Feelings made clear

There have been calls from some quarters including a rather bitter Rio Ferdinand to cancel the current season. Such comments have triggered a sense of frustration and injustice among a number of fans.

This was showcased by celebrity Reds fan John Oliver on live TV a couple of weeks ago. The popular host included a 30-second section segment on his show ‘Last Week Tonight’ as he spoke on the coronavirus threat. He brought up the topic of Liverpool being denied the league due to no fault of theirs and went on to rant about it for half a minute.

Although the segment was scripted, Oliver’s reaction is something every one of us can relate to. The segment can be viewed in the video below from the 18:50 to 20:00 minute mark.

He also mentioned the brilliant letter penned by Jurgen Klopp to fans speaking about the gravity of the situation as he put the priorities right in what is a troubled time.

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As fans of the sci-fi epic will remember, Han Solo was unfrozen by Luke Skywalker in the ‘Return of the Jedi’. Solo would then go on to partake in the festivities as the rebel alliance overcame the Empire.

With the Reds just six points away from guaranteeing the title, similar celebrations can be expected on Merseyside once the league resumes. In the famous words of Jedi master Yoda, “Champions. Liverpool shall be”