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“You may get a title winner”: Brighton chairman claims Liverpool deserve title even if season is called off



Tony Bloom backs Liverpool for Premier League title regardless of what happens to the season

According to the Mirror, Brighton and Hove Albion chairman Tony Bloom has stated that Liverpool deserve the Premier League title irrespective of what happens to the rest of the season.

With the coronavirus pandemic grinding football to a halt, there is much concentration on what comes next. Perhaps one of the easiest decisions is to award Liverpool the title given the massive lead the Reds enjoy at the moment.

There have been detractors claiming various reasons as to why the Reds should be denied the title. From claiming that we haven’t won the title to state that the pandemic should take precedence.

Rio Ferdinand wants to see the season cancelled

Rio Ferdinand is obsessed with cancelling the season

Ironically, neither the club nor its employees have made any statement on the same and have been actively trying to help themselves and the society to cope with the situation rather than try to earn brownie points.

There is no argument that Liverpool has by far been the best team in England. Talks of denying them the title at this point while claiming to hold the moral high ground reeks of hypocrisy.

One such person who sees things as they are is the Seagulls chairman. He has hinted that of the decisions, the one to give Liverpool the Premier League title is the most obvious.

“You may get a title winner – obviously Liverpool deserve it”

Tony Bloom has backed Liverpool for the title

Tony Bloom has backed Liverpool for the title

However, he has said that the relegation battle is a much harder thing to predict. Five teams are separated by four points with two of them set to be relegated.

A single victory can swing the balance, making it a much harder proposition to predict.

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There is no doubt that football should not be started until the situation improves. But it does not make sense to forfeit the season just so the next one can start. What happens remains to be seen, but the Liverpool players will be up for the challenge come what may.