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[Video] Liverpool star gets roasted by Virgil van Dijk in online training session



Andy Robertson draws special attention from Virgil van Dijk in online training

In a video posted on Twitter, Liverpool defender Andy Robertson revelled in special attention from teammate Virgil van Dijk in the club’s online training session.

With players in self-isolation, they have not had the time to go out and get their hair trimmed as they usually do. This was brought to the fore as Jurgen Klopp remarked Pedro Chirivella as close to sporting the same hairstyle as Van Dijk.

Robbo called out to the Dutch colossus only to have himself roasted in reply. Van Dijk asked Robertson to have a look at himself and that he looks a mess.

Although he understands his teammate misses him, he expects Robertson to take better care of himself. It could be a  throwback to a tweet made by the Scotsman a week ago where he hinted at feeling safe alongside the Dutchman.

Van Dijk went on to add that Robertson looked like someone who jumped out of bed and plonked himself in front of the laptop for the session. A point to which the Scotsman sheepishly agreed.

He was not the only one having a bad hair day as Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was also found to be sporting a trim that ‘did not go all that well’.

Andy Robertson and Virgil van Dijk entertained fans on Twitter

Andy Robertson and Virgil van Dijk are close on and off the field

Van Dijk also advised Robertson to throw in some product in his hair. Given how slick the Dutchman’s hair looks, we are sure he knows what he is talking about.

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These videos have showcased time and again the close bond the players share under Jurgen Klopp. It also reflects on the pitch where they function as one big unit. The videos have also served as a source of amusement to fans in these troubled times. We are Liverpool, this means more.