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Football betting as an occupation



Football is one of the most widely played sports in the world, and with hundreds of matches every weekend, betting sites provide ample opportunities for fans to try out their luck.

From betting on the first scorer to who gets sent off, there are several options like where you can put your money.

Most football fans bet for the sheer fun of it, but there are great earnings too. Fans have earned thousands over a single night’s action and there are many who have made this a profession too.

However, there are many risks involved too when taking up a career as a football bettor.

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Risks and rewards in equal measure

The first decision to take before going full into a betting career is your history in the field. The progression should be a natural one and not something that has come out of the blue.

If you have bet for a while and have won more than 50% of your bets, then there is a chance to be profitable in this field.

Football is filled with uncertainties. Greece winning the 2004 Euros was a big shock and not many would have bet on them. However, putting a little money on them would have led to a huge payout.

The uncertainty of sport plays heavily in football betting. There is always the chance of a last minute goal ruining your bet, and that is something you need to account for.

The top bettors spread their bets across leagues, games, results and even on outcomes from one game to lower the chances of losing money.

Getting most decisions right can lead to huge payouts and can lead to a full-time betting career.

Start small, win big

The best way to getting into football betting is to try smaller bets. You need statistics by your side but sometimes, gut feeling works too.

If the returns on smaller bets are high, there is a chance of this career working. However, the life of a bettor isn’t easy.

A regular job ensures a pay check at the end of every week, but that is not a guarantee for a bettor.

Some days are better than others and there are many highs and lows in this kind of career.

Ditching a corporate job to follow a dream isn’t easy, but when football comes calling, who can say no? Been following the beautiful game since 1998. Liverpool addict, F1 fanatic!

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