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“Until the very last”: Klopp believes Liverpool’s season still be can be salvaged



Jurgen Klopp believes Liverpool season still be can be salvaged

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has stood firm on turning this season around and urged the fans to believe that the campaign can still be saved (h/t Echo). In a season that has seen the Reds pretty much ravaged by injuries, their title defence looks all but over.

Now the focus lies on securing a top-four place for the season so as to play in the Champions League next season. A four-game losing streak at Anfield has seen scrutiny piled on Klopp and his charges. Things at Anfield haven’t been this bad since 1923.

Jurgen Klopp thanks the fans at Anfield. (GETTY Images)

Jurgen Klopp thanks the fans at Anfield. (GETTY Images)

Despite expecting challenges in this injury-infested season, Klopp has held his head up and urged supporters to do the same.

“I always expected the season would be like this. I didn’t expect that we would have the injury issues we have in one critical position, but I knew that it would be a campaign where it would be a proper race until the very last inches as we approach the finish line.

“Keeping faith in yourself and those who care about helping you is absolutely vital. It’s being tested of course – difficult times do that, for all of us. I refer to all of us in the LFC family: the players, the supporters and me and my staff also. All of us.”

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp smiling in training. (GETTY Images)

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp smiling in training. (GETTY Images)

Klopp also spoke about how strong they are as a team and now it was more important than ever to keep believing.

“We have been such a strong unit since I came here – we came together to help each other and it produced wonderful moments we will have forever. But it’s more important now than ever before. We haven’t lost it, by the way! No chance we will lose it, but it’s always worth reminding ourselves how important it is to what we look to achieve.”

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With the season looking to go from bad to worse, Klopp has asked the fans to be united. He added that the players understand what the fans go through when the team suffers as well as when they win, making the club a special place to be at.