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Football Transfers Latest – Recent EPL News



Transfer news is hitting up this week as speculation around the stability of football still remains an ongoing concern for many of the clubs affected by the recent European Super League shock.

Although off the table for the moment, the ESL still casts a shadow with both FIFA and the FA looking into steps to ensure this kind of action does not happen again.

Making news this week, there’s a lot of discussion whether Jadon Sancho will get his spot in Man Utd. Following ongoing negotiations and discussions between representative Emeka Obasi and the premier team, Sancho has expressed disappointment that an offer has not been placed already.

Borussia Dortmund has already potentially agreed to the move, providing that a set of their own specifications are met satisfactorily. If the move is to happen, it is likely the winger will be playing for the Red Devils ready for the Euro 2020 tournament.

Doubt in Movements – Klopp Thinks Otherwise

Jurgen Klopp is not fully supportive of the idea of a European Super League. (imago Images)

Although a move for Sancho may or may not still be on the cards, Jurgen Klopp of Liverpool has openly declared his doubts on the amount of movement during the transfer window.

Making it known that he feels no big money moves will be made anytime soon due to the lack of gameplay, Klopp made reference to a different financial situation in comparison to previous seasons, subsequently leading to his opinion that not as many moves will be made this time round.

However, looking at news reported from other clubs, it looks as though some moves may be on the cards and are definitely worth watching. Gleison Bremer is one player attracting admiring looks from Liverpool.

Latest Football Transfer Updates

The end of season offers boredom and excitement in equal measure. While league football action is on pause leaving us with little to watch, football fans around the world wait in anticipation of the new players their clubs may sign. They will check the latest football transfer news every day in the hope of hearing gossip, rumours, and confirmation of the biggest deals of the summer.

In it is rumoured that Arsenal want players for five new positions, Chelsea may have a war-chest of 150 million to spend, and City are ready to strengthen their position as champions. We all dream of a new player coming to our clubs and scoring 101 great goals, assisting hundreds, and becoming a club legend. That is the beauty of world soccer – even when the leagues are finished we still have so much to enjoy.

Man City Join the Race for Kane

Already with strong connections of Man Utd being interested, Kane is an in demand striker as it is reported that Man City has also dug deep and is ready to spend in order to get him for themselves.

More rumours about the departure of Kane from Tottenham Hotspur have been aired recently due to another season without a trophy for the White Hart Lane team.

With player Sergio Aguero leaving City at the end of the current season, the manager wants to quickly rope in new strikers as replacements, with Kane and Erling Haaland both at the top of the wishlist.

On the same subject of Haaland, Bayern Munich have snubbed rumours that they are looking to sign the player, saying their finances simply don’t have enough traction to pay out for such a package at this time.

Southampton Remain Positive of Keeping Danny Ings

Ralph Hasenhuttl of Southampton has spoken out that he is positive that the St Mary’s team will be able to keep hold of Danny Ings after the last year of his current contract is up.

Although out of action due to a hamstring injury, Ings has proved a valuable asset to the team, with Hasenhuttl stating they play as a different team when he’s there.

Although Ings has been linked to a transfer away from Southampton, Hasenhuttl continually praises positivity he will stay.

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