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“You think”- Liverpool told why Manchester United are still a bigger club than them



Simon Jordan tells Liverpool why Manchester United are still a bigger club than them

Simon Jordan was the chairman of Crystal Palace FC from 2000 to 2010 and is now a regular speaker on TalkSPORT wherein he has built a reputation for laying out his strong and controversial opinions that sometimes do not bode well with fanbases.

In a recent TalkSPORT (h/t Liverpool Echo) episode, Simon Jordan opined that Manchester United are still a bigger club than Liverpool which sparked huge debate across the clubs’ fanbase.

“Liverpool stole a march on modern football by dominating the 70s and 80s but when the Premier League came around, who were the poster boys of the Premier League? Coincidentally, Manchester United.”

“When you think of the Premier League and you think of its formative years; you think of Manchester United.”

Manchester United’s Brazilian midfielder Fred reacts in a game against Liverpool. (Photo by OLI SCARFF/AFP via Getty Images)

He further stressed the impact that Manchester United, despite their on-field failure, offers to media outlets, sponsorship deals, and broadcasting rights and is a powerhouse in revenue generation.

It is reasons such as these that form the opinion of why he thinks United should be seen in the same category of being a massive club as Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.

However, it should be of note that Liverpool was the club that brought attention to English Football with its dominance before the founding of the Premier League winning 18 First Division Titles along with 3 European Cups.

This is an astounding achievement for a club in any era and therefore the disrespect that is shown towards the club from pundits like Simon Jordan is rather ridiculous.

It is easy to make a statement knowing there will be no repercussions but Jordan would be smart to look at its own failed spell at Crystal Palace to acknowledge the years of dedication and hard work it takes for a club to sustain itself at the top for a long duration.

Without any disrespect to United, it is wrong to claim that Liverpool are not on the same level as them. The club has demonstrated time and time again its dominance in the way the game is played but also in how to run its business model.

TOPSHOT – Liverpool’s supporters cheer as they arrive to attend an open-top bus parade of the Liverpool team. (Photo by NIGEL RODDIS/AFP via Getty Images)

We are all aware of the remarkable 2021/22 season that Liverpool had. Adding to it would be the fact that the club saw a substantial rise in its media revenue alongside its presence on social media.

At the present, Liverpool has a much higher ceiling for both its on and off-field activities which is evident from how players and staff prefer to join Liverpool than United.

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Therefore, it would not be wrong to suggest that a big part of building up a legacy such as this goes to its rich history and massive fanbase that is present all around the world, which is no manner significantly lesser than that of Manchester United – at least that’s what the Reds’ fans will tell you.