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“Not really watched it”- Liverpool star reveals he is not following 2022 FIFA World Cup after his nation’s failure to qualify



Liverpool left-back Andy Robertson talks about missing out on 2022 FIFA World Cup action

It was not the most pleasant of breaks for Liverpool star Andy Robertson as he sat out during a time when most of his club team-mates were representing their countries at the World Cup in Qatar.

Scotland finished second to Denmark in the group stages of the qualifiers and were two wins away from securing a spot in the World Cup.

Unfortunately, post a 3-1 loss to Ukraine in the semi-finals of the second round of the Qualifiers back in June this year, the Scots had to sit back home, and enjoy the World Cup but from a distance. The skipper Robbo, would have loved to enjoy some family time, and get a good break from the World Cup.

But with that being said, the pride of leading his country in a World Cup is a feeling unmatched. And in the most ideal of situations, he would want to play in the tournament as well.

Liverpool left-back Andrew Robertson.
Liverpool left-back Andrew Robertson. (Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images)

Speaking to the club’s official website, Robbo revealed that he did not watch the World Cup in its entirety and also, tried switching off from football for a period of time. Here is what he said in its entirety:

“Difficult, not really watched it, to be honest – [I] tried to switch off from football for a couple of weeks. Slowly but surely the last couple of days [I] started watching a couple more of the games and things like that.”

“I was obviously in the other part of the world where time difference was a wee bit [different], and I didn’t want to stay up and watch the games.”

This break in action for a major chunk of Liverpool’s players came at the right time as the Reds were not in the best form in the initial part of the season. With the players getting time off and then being able to recharge their batteries would mean that the Reds can go back all guns blazing in the second half.

Robbo for Liverpool

Andy will be a major contributor to Liverpool’s pursuit of a Champions League spot and hopefully, that qualification would mean that the Reds can secure the services of a midfielder or two for next season.

This camp Liverpool have set in Dubai will certainly be a big help and benefit for the Reds before they face Manchester City in the EFL Cup on 22nd December. It is highly unlikely that either team will go full strength as a number of players will be coming straight from the World Cup and would need a break before jumping right back into action.

The Reds’ will have both left-backs in their ranks, as neither Kostas Tsimikas nor Robbo qualified for the World Cup and hence, that is one department wherein the Reds will be at full strength.

Kostas Tsimikas and Andrew Robertson are two quality left-backs Liverpool have in their ranks.
Kostas Tsimikas and Andrew Robertson are two quality left-backs Liverpool have in their ranks.

With Robbo himself confirming the fact that he was as far removed from football as possible during the break, one would believe that he would have enjoyed a substantial vacation, and also that he can beat the band when Liverpool spring back into competitive action.

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He has competition from Kostas Tsimikas to fend off and prove once again why he is one of the best in the world in his position. Both did not travel to the 2022 FIFA World Cup and will be fresh and raring to go once club football resumes.