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Transfer News: Bundesliga side makes demands clear for 19-year-old on Liverpool’s radar



Borussia Dortmund reveal demands for Liverpool transfer target Jude Bellingham

Apart from Liverpool’s direct rivals, one club which would certainly be happy with our state of affairs presently is Borussia Dortmund. With these lacklustre performances, the need for a midfielder increases by the day, and Die Schwarzbelgen would certainly know that the Reds could go to any extent to get their man on board.

And in such a situation, Dortmund lay down their demands if any club wants to sign their 19-year-old star midfielder Jude Bellingham who is an ever-present on Liverpool’s transfer radar ever since his move to the Bundesliga giants from Birmingham City back in 2020.

As per The Mirror, the German side want at least £130m for their star man contrary to the reports from last week citing a fee of around £106m. Moreover, the more specific demand comes later, as it stands claimed that any club should be willing to pay £100m of £131m as a one-time down payment.

Borussia Dortmund reveal demands for Liverpool transfer target Jude Bellingham.
Liverpool transfer target Jude Bellingham.

£100m upfront is a huge amount even for a side like Manchester City who have so much financial backing. Liverpool certainly do not possess the riches that the likes of City, Paris Saint-Germain and Newcastle United do and hence, the only way to lure a player is by selling another.

Will Liverpool spend the big bucks for Bellingham?

But having said that, Liverpool are in dire straits when it comes to their midfield situation at this moment in time. Often we have seen the pendulum of blame shift towards the individual performances of a few defenders, but if the midfield is vulnerable more often than not, there is only so much a set of full-backs and centre-backs could do to avoid a shaky situation.

Add in the age factor there, and the addition of a new player becomes far more understandable and necessary. James Milner is 37, Jordan Henderson is 32 and Thiago Alcantara is 31. Fabinho, at 29, looks like he is not at his best, and the Reds could certainly do with cover in that position as well.

As we saw in the recent games against Brentford and Wolverhampton Wanderers, the Liverpool midfield is certainly not sustainable, and so is the case with our business model. Both need change, and quick for us to maintain our level at the top of the football charts.

Borussia Dortmund reveal demands for Liverpool transfer target Jude Bellingham.
Liverpool target Jude Bellingham is ready for the Premier League. (Photo by Lars Baron/Getty Images)

The potential signing of Bellingham will in all likelihood help reduce the problems Liverpool currently faces, but he is certainly not the elixir to all our problems, and we need to have a broader perspective when it comes to business operations as well.

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This lack of consistent performances can have a negative impact on the team’s overall performance and end in more in poor results. By bringing in additional midfielders, Liverpool can increase competition for starting positions and potentially improve the overall level of play in the midfield which we certainly need.