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Struggling Liverpool star ranks fourth on the ‘most cards drawn’ list in the Premier League this season

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By Shrishh Attavar

Liverpool star Luis Diaz ranks #4 on most cards drawn in the league

Liverpool winger Luis Diaz continues to make waves not just with his flair on the ball but also for his ability to draw cards from opponents. The Colombian star finds himself in a prominent position on the list for the most cards drawn this season, a testament to his electrifying playing style and penchant for unsettling defenders.

Currently sitting in fourth place for the most cards drawn in the Premier League as per Opta, Diaz has won an impressive 22 fouls, resulting in eight yellow cards for his adversaries. Despite grappling with the aftermath of a knee injury last season, Lucho’s recent performance against Newcastle United showcased a return to his trademark style—a combination of blistering pace, close-control dribbling, and the knack for drawing fouls.

As Liverpool brace for the absence of Mohamed Salah during the upcoming AFCON, Diaz’s role becomes even more pivotal. The Colombian’s unique skill set allows him to navigate through defences with remarkable close control, leaving defenders with little choice but to resort to fouling in their attempts to regain possession.

Liverpool star Luis Diaz #4 on most cards drawn in the league.
Liverpool star Luis Diaz stands #4 on most cards drawn in the league.

Diaz’s impact extends beyond his ability to draw fouls. In 24 appearances across all competitions this season, he has contributed five goals and two assists. These numbers, even though not through the roof, underscore his versatility and importance to Liverpool’s attacking arsenal, particularly as they navigate a congested fixture list and contend with key players being unavailable due to international commitments.


The recent win against Newcastle United served as a microcosm of Diaz’s influence. His ability to unsettle defenders not only provides opportunities for set-pieces and direct free-kicks but also relieves pressure on the rest of the team. As Mohamed Salah departs for AFCON duty, Liverpool will look to Diaz to maintain his form and continue being a thorn in the side of opposition defences.

In the unpredictable landscape of football, Diaz’s blend of skill, pace, and tactical acumen adds a layer of unpredictability to Liverpool’s attacking play. His recent performances before the game against the Magpies divided opinions, but he made it clear that he is one indisposable asset of Liverpool’s frontline.

Struggling Liverpool star ranks fourth on the 'most cards drawn' list in the Premier League this season.
Luis Diaz won a penalty for Liverpool against Newcastle United.

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