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Injury-ridden Liverpool star has interest from two clubs ahead of next season

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By Sarthak Joshi

The injury-ridden midfielder of Liverpool, Thiago Alcantara, has interest from two clubs, as the star is ready to leave Anfield at the end of the season

Thiago Alcantara, an injury-ridden star midfielder for Liverpool, has missed more than a year due to injuries. At the end of the season, his contract expires, and it is doubtful that he will sign a new one.

Liverpool supporters were ecstatic when Thiago Alcantara completed the transfer to Liverpool from Bayern Munich in the summer of 2020.

During his prime, the Spaniard regarded as one of Bayern’s greatest players as they advanced to the 2020 Champions League, and many thought he would complete the Liverpool midfield puzzle.

Two Clubs interested in Thiago

Thiago wants to play at the highest level and is unwilling to give up, despite his physical limitations. Premier League teams would also have an interest in the midfielder but his constant injury spree would be concerning for most of them.

According to the reports, foreign teams have also shown interest in the midfield player, providing him with a range of choices to choose from, including clubs like Flamengo and Al-Ettifaq.

Flamengo regarded as Thiago’s favourite club; while growing up in Rio before moving to Europe with his father, Brazil World Cup champion Mazinho. Steven Gerrard’s team, Al-Ettifaq, is also in the mix, where Jordan Henderson went last summer.

Rough years for Thiago since the Liverpool transfer

Thiago was just 29 years old and had years ahead of him at the top level at Anfield. Liverpool had purchased him for a relatively moderate amount. However, Thiago’s projected success at Liverpool never quite materialized—not because of his on-field performance, but rather because of his body.

After suffering an injury against West Ham in April of last year, he was on the sidelines for the remainder of the campaign. After suffering another setback while making a surprising appearance in the 3-1 loss to Arsenal on February 4, he left the game and hasn’t been seen since.

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Though it will be hard to see Thiago depart, at this point, it’s best for everyone. A single season of play isn’t a good enough return, given his enormous Liverpool pay. In the summer, Thiago will have the chance to properly consider each offer and decide what to do next.

It appears that he is prepared to start a new chapter in his football career after leaving Liverpool, given his ambition to compete at the highest level. Although Thiago’s ultimate destination is unknown due to the interest of several teams, he seems prepared for a change of pace.