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Warnock namedrops Arsenal star who can make a difference for Slot at Liverpool

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By Sarthak Joshi

Warnock namedrops the Arsenal star that Slot needs to sign to make Liverpool stronger

When Arne Slot takes over as the team’s new head coach, former Liverpool defender Stephen Warnock has advised him what additions he could make to the team to really make a difference.

The Dutchman is poised to replace Jurgen Klopp as Anfield’s manager. He will take over the Reds team that almost lost out on a Premier League championship this year. Warnock thinks Liverpool has to add players to its roster, especially in the middle of the park, before they can contend once more.

It is no secret that Reds have seen the need to add some quality midfielders to the club soon to upgrade their roster. Warnock has considered Arsenal star Declan Rice one of the potential additions that could turn out to be really beneficial for Liverpool.

Speaking exclusively to DAZN, Stephen Warnock said:

“The biggest thing for me, is that they’ve got great attacking players, but the defensive side of things needs shoring up, and they need athleticism in midfield – I think it’s huge.”

“I look at Declan Rice. I mean, he’s just a machine, isn’t he? And that is that power that you need in midfield. And I think that’s what I’d look at if I was going in at Liverpool.” 

Rice was designated by the Gunners as their top target prior to the 2023–2024 campaign. After having a few bids turned down and worrying that City would take him at the last minute, the Gunners agreed to a massive £105 million deal with the Hammers to bring Rice to North London.

The England international was given a significant role right away. Rice has had a fantastic debut campaign for the league contenders. This season, he has played in every Premier League and Champions League match, totaling an incredible 4,004 minutes in all competitions.

Warnock namedrops Arsenal star who can make a difference for Slot at Liverpool.
Rice really impressed Warnock

There are a lot of changes to happen at Anfield this summer. Both managerial and squad changes are ready to be done. Liverpool could most likely see their veteran midfielder Thiago Alcantara depart the club. Hence, Liverpool are planning to get a midfield addition from some time.

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Declan Rice could really be the special one to make a legitimate difference to the club. Rice could be their solution to all the problems and could really bolster their roster the next season.