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When an influencer agrees to take part, Goat sets up the campaign. Often times, you can see influencers working with them who have less than 10K followers. At Influencer Matchmaker we work with micro-influencers who can provide a great boost for your brand. Put into marketing terms: less money spent, more engagement, better outcomes. They also put a large emphasis on creating social content – production, short-form, long-form, GIFs, and graphics. How I found brands that collaborate with micro influencers Subscribe to our newsletter and get social media resources send to your inbox. The Shutterfly reposting is an excellent viral technique that I will try to recreate with my business blog Thank You, Just stumbled on this post, Jessica! Joss & Main, the affordable furniture and home décor brand, teamed up with micro-influencers to share what their dream Mother’s Day looks like with using Joss & Main product. This gave them the opportunity to further find youth stars and promote their cultural influence. They focus on high-quality content and can ensure this quality since influencers can only obtain access to the platform by invitation only. I worked with you on a super fun Ginny’s campaign a while back. In working with these micro-influencers, Home Depot was able to collect genuine content of home improvement projects that they could then use to grow their own fanbase on their blog and social channels. These include sports, lifestyle, gaming, entertainment, fashion, beauty, food and tech. In 2013 this expanded into youth marketing. They both had a passion for youth culture. Instrumental was looking for some way of finding promising demos on social media before they simply sunk from view. The technology finds high potential artists and influencers across the key video platforms - YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. PMYB splits its services into three categories: Although PMYB is very much a UK influencer marketing agency, they are happy to work with clients worldwide. They can claim to have collaborated with a wide range of brands including G-Shock, Heineken, BBC, Converse, Puma, Red Bull, Dr Martens and Lynx. One of their campaigns involved the global launch of #DMsLITE, a Dr Martens product innovation. They include heavyweights such as Apple and KFC amongst their clients. It grew out of London’s Urban Nerds crew who promoted quality underground parties. They are the ones sending free product to Instagram influencers/small blogs. Kairos Media acts as a global full-service digital communications agency, with offices in both London and Hollywood. For example, they could amplify using a Twitter account like @ThatsSarcasm. James Benn Art director and micro-influencer James Benn uses beautiful photos to give his 1,500 followers an insider’s view of London and the UK. Their services include talent liaison, fee negotiations and content tracking. ... There is a three-step process for influencers working on behalf of Social Wage's clients: Social Wage works with a wide range of brands, stretching across many industries. “In comparison, brands need to find a proper search engine to identify ‘micro-influencers’ quickly.” The idea of micro-influencers has already been gaining traction at some agencies. Brands operating in the UK have no shortage of choice when it comes to finding an influencer agency to meet their needs, make the process of working with influencers easy and make a perfect match for the brands and their clientele. We know Sigma’s program from the very beginning. If you check out Shutterfly’s Instagram, you’ll see the brand reposts content posted by these micro-influencers, such as the one below: Thanks to the unique gifts these bloggers created and shared, fans got to experience the brand on a more intimate level, which served to humanize the brand. Goat emphasises the importance of the data they collect. Finding the right influencer is critical. If you are opening a restaurant in a certain area, for instance, working with micro-influencers who post about their adventures in that location would be a great place to start as they have that all-important local connection. Local fashion gurus, like Charmaine Daudu seen above, were invited to create signature looks with using Coastal product and asked to show fans how to recreate their looks. You can also view all patio transformations by checking out Home Depot’s Pinterest board. It then tracks these influencers and evaluates there influence on a daily basis. They include a case study on their website describing a campaign they created for Nottingham-based DRÂRE Clothing. They know that follower numbers are not everything. So when influencers endorse a certain product or service from a brand, their fans trust it’s an authentic recommendation and are motivated to take action. A LOT cheaper. Brands need help with creating and establishing these authentic consumer connections, and that’s where micro-influencers come in. Micro-influencers are the new goldmine, and more brands are using micro-influencers to build trust with their customer base, improve engagement, and cost-effectively promote authenticity. It grew out of a desire to find the next big music act. They are a young team, whose founders are still aged only 30, 28 and 22. While it can be easy to want to accept every partnership you get, always choose quality over quantity. Chris realised that there was real potential for influencers to be rewarded for their work – not just in football, but in all niches. They then use unique data to analyse the best performing influencers in that community, most likely to hit the client’s KPIs. You too can embrace this trend to grow the popularity of your brand. 11 food bloggers answered the challenge with carefully crafting unique recipes using appliances in a uncommon way, such as making brownies from a crockpot. PMYB aims to target and find the most suitable influencer to spread your brand’s message. They target these to particular campaign objectives. They built up a #AlizeArmy influencer network of more than 100 artists, creatives, influencers and publishers. If you try and find influencers yourself, there is no guarantee that the influencers you woo will have any interest in working with you. They tell you for each potential influencer: When a brand asks Goat to set up an influencer campaign for them, Goat begins by pinpointing the client's online community. Socially Powerful makes recommendations to brands about who they believe will be the most suitable influencers for a particular campaign. This ensures that they can meet the needs of every potential client, no matter their budget, location or niche. Micro-influencers can be powerful partners for brands because they provide unique opportunities for reaching, engaging, and communicating with audiences. As a result, Chris developed Social Work with Rohan Midha, as a way to match genuine influencers up with brands looking for influencer promotion. Here are eight influencer agencies in the UK who could create the perfect influencer marketing campaign for your brand. When you work with an influencer agency you know that your efforts will not be wasted. Earning brands attention through content, social media and influencer marketing. Of course, they also work with influencers to help them grow their profile. They include heavyweights such as Apple and KFC amongst their clients. Their clients include well-known brands such as Malibu, Formula E, KFC, British Airways, Asics and Adidas. As said by Lindsay Bell, “the fewer the followers, the more real the engagement is, and the more valuable that audience becomes to a brand.”. They combine content creation, influencer marketing and media planning. Not exactly. To give you a better idea of what brands are using micro-influencers successfully and how you can better leverage them, we’ve curated a list of six brand campaigns below. While influencers with millions of followers, sometimes called macro-influencers, have large audiences, they may lack the engagement rates of micro-influencers In fact, data suggests that when it comes to influencers, bigger isn't always better. Micro-influencers can encourage those lasting brand-consumer relationships by promoting engagement, attraction, and trust, the three … They were a team of youth promoting youth activities. Choose a suitable brand . They initiated 15 event partnerships which drove brand awareness, aligning the brand with other culturally relevant brands. To secure a collaboration that works for you, contact the team on 0203 9580 427 or email . Pet Brands Looking for Influencers. They see their service as a five-step process: Kairos works with clients across a range of sectors, including eSports, lifestyle and travel, mobile and gaming, food and drink, sports, and fashion and beauty. Having determined the people they consider most influential, Instrumental works with clients to build relevant campaigns. They believe that the best and most effective influencers are those who receive high Chromo-Factor scores. People on Instagram with 5,000 … UK YouTube influencers by category. Urban Nerds Collective has a somewhat unusual background for an influencer marketing agency. There are roughly two types of influencers–macro and micro. While PMYB’s “secret ingredient” is the success of their Chromo-Influencers, they do work with a wider network. Comcast Small Business; Hewlett Packard; Samsung; SanDisk; Virtual PBX; Miscellaneous Brands Looking for Influencers. The team has had a key role in pioneering early branded content for the UK urban scene. Yet this can be a hit or miss scenario. So nice to see them on this list of happy brands. One of their recent campaigns was for Alize. A wide range of bloggers–from fashion, to lifestyle, to parenting–joined the campaign to promote Shutterfly’s personalized gift options. In addition, fans could enter to win a contest where winners were outfitted with kitchen appliances of their own. We’ve put together some advice for micro influencers on how to approach brands and get your side hustle booming. They navigate the full spectrum of cultural influence; working where trends are created and culture truly shaped. More and more brands today are seeing the benefits of influencer marketing, and as a result, are jumping in to activate influencer marketing campaigns of their own. About Us. Using key data they narrow down potential influencers to the most relevant. It now uses it to identify emerging influencers in virtually every imaginable field. 13 bloggers accepted the invitations and got to experience the brand firsthand with touring the headquarters and warehouse, as well as participating in a professional photo shoot where stylists put together wardrobes for each blogger to model, such as the example below: In addition to profiling their Tastemakers on the company blog, Stitch Fix shared their photo shoot images throughout the year to re-engage with fans. Obviously, they try to match brands with influencers in the same niche. The brand was one of the first brands that mastered influencer programs, so there’s no wonder Sigma Beauty has years of experience working with bloggers and influencers. Their influencer marketing work includes finding influencers, talent alignment, media partnerships and licensing. Staffordshire-based Tamba calls itself an all-in-one web design, influencer marketing and social media agency. So nice to see you! Are You Thinking About Working With A Micro-Influencer? They are also a creative agency and provide credible, engaging, original content tailor-made for influencers to use with their audiences. According to Social Wage’s terms, people wishing to apply to be part of their influencer roster need to meet the following criteria: Social Wage works with influencers across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Blogs, Vine, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vine, and Google +. You can work with micro-influencers even on a shoestring budget and still expect them to deliver the planned results. This depends on the demographic of their audience, how well that demographic aligns with the company’s target market and how much the audience engages with their content (e.g. 64% of marketers prefer to work with micro-influencers (5,000 to 100k followers) compared to 16% choosing to work with celebrities (500k+ followers), according to new research from Activate. Stitch Fix, the personalized fashion brand that offers curated outfits shipped to your door, invited micro-influencers from all over the country to attend the Stitch Fix Tastemakers 2-day event in San Francisco. Shutterfly, the brand that offers its customers unique ways to create lasting keepsakes with photos, identified micro-influencers to curate their own Mother’s Day gifts by using the service. Five mom bloggers participated and revealed their home makeovers within a week-long blog hop that invited fans to move from one home reveal after another in the series. The main types of brands that Instrumental work with are: There are many talented influencer agencies in the UK. Still, influencers with a seemingly small number of followers (known as “micro-influencers”) can earn a decent income from working with brands. As one of the top micro-influencers, she also does good with her Instagram, promoting her work with MADD to her more than 25,000 followers. This list is divided into the main content categories that are most popular on YouTube. They also offer more traditional services such as event management and promotions. Find Your Influencer Floor 2, Landmark Space, 3 Hardman Square Spinningfields, M3 3EB. Many artists now post demos online rather than going to a record label. As we’ve seen there are a lot of benefits with using micro-influencers. How to find micro-influencers for your brand. Kairos prides itself in being entirely driven by data. They also arranged product placement in music videos. Small brands realize that partnering with micro-influencers is the best way to increase brand awareness and boost sales without spending a fortune on marketing. It is genuine engagement with keen and enthusiastic supporters that makes an influencer important, rather than just playing the numbers game to seem important. Enter the Micro-Influencer. They focus on analytics to ensure that their clients’ audiences are targeted, excited, and converted. Although PMYB is very much a UK influencer marketing agency, they are happy to work with clients worldwide. Influencers are seen as the authority in their particular niche due to their deep-knowledge of their topic area. These are 46 key points by which PMYB rates influencers. The campaign resulted in a reach of 7 million and 200,000 views. These featured artists like Big Narstie, Angel, Skepta and Cadet. Home Depot, the home improvement brand offering tools, construction products and services, challenged a group of micro-influencers to use a variety of patio furniture and outdoor accessories in remodeling their patio in a way that’s unique to them. The bloggers then shared sneak peeks during a week-long blog hop in buildup of the full recipes revealed on the company blog. The company grew out of co-founder, Chris Wilson’s, work with football influencers on his football-related Twitter accounts. It can make or break your campaign. There are a surprisingly large number of influencer agencies in the UK. They aim to produce content that is beneficial to brands, entertaining for audiences and unique every time. Ifluenz is an Instagram influencer marketing platform which is focused on leveraging the power of micro-influencers. We are specialists in data-driven performance marketing and guarantee results on every campaign. As a response to the high-stakes investments required for working with big-name influencers, the industry has seen the rise of the micro-influencer. They make a point of encouraging a brand to set clear campaign goals, and they then do all they can to help meet these goals. Influencer Marketing Examples from the Top Brands Let’s take a look at the best examples from brands that nailed their influencer marketing campaigns. British brands wishing to work with a local influencer agency have a range of possible options. They love telling stories and collaborating with leading content creators to generate audience engagements. Give her a shout on Twitter @jsedmond. How We Work with Micro Influencers . Kairos aims to create authentic, memorable campaigns powered by insight, data, and creative. Goat manages the entire influencer marketing process for the campaign. They provide a single access point for brands to communicate with influencers who can spread brand messages. It should be no surprise that influencer agencies have sprung up to help these people earn extra income and find products that their target audiences will love. They split their entire influencer network into: This means that they can help their clients in many ways. Because of the success of Chris’s own football tweets, other social media accounts, in turn, purchased posts from him. Another 47% said they worked with mid-tier influencers (100k-500k followers) on a regular basis. Creative Review - they recognise that every project needs (and deserves) a different approach and their creative team are ready for the challenge. They believe these to be the top 3% of influencers who achieve four times greater sales than the remaining 97% of influencers. While there’s no hard and fast rule to which type of influencer is best, the more fans you can get your message in front of, the better, right? Big brands that are working with micro-influencers are achieving stellar results, leveraging the genuine content that small-time social media stars are already sharing with their followers. The results were then revealed on the company blog through a series of DIY tutorials, before and after room reveals, and style tips posts. Socially Powerful works to connect brands with leading social influencers in a range of verticals. They work with social talent, artists, labels and brands to maximise their social media presence. Thanks to the collective involvement of these bloggers, Ginny’s campaign had enormous fan participation that continued even after the challenge was over. Each category includes a selection of celebrity, macro and micro influencers, to give you ideas depending on the campaign you’re running. Reporting – Kairos provides clients with a detailed presentation showcasing precisely what they have achieved, highlighting the success of the campaign and the benefit to the brand. They then rank these influencers and speak with each one in order of preference. Macro is often coined as celebrity influencers who have millions of followers, whereas micro has much fewer followers. As a savvy marketer, you know it’s no secret that influencer marketing is a powerful tool to increase metrics like brand awareness, engagement, and over time, purchases. Ginny’s, the housewares brand that offers product on credit, challenged micro-influencers to use a variety of kitchen appliances to create surprising recipes for fans to recreate. There is a slight female bias, with 38% of female internet users of all ages being Instagram users, compared to 26% of male internet users. Get matched to 3 Leading Agencies for Your Next Campaign. Instrumental built social API tracking capabilities, talent filters and machine learning to identify growth potential. They collaborate with 9,500 global influencers to help deliver an uplift in sales for their clients. Their aim is to find the best influencers to narrate the story in an authentic and realistic way. They base their selections of influencers for client campaigns on data gathered from their CRM system. While there is no official definition or number of followers that makes someone a micro-influencer, they tend to have a following of 1,000– 100,000. But before we jump into the ways you can use micro-influencers to gain more customers, you need to understand how to locate these people. Learn more about some of the best examples of recent Instagram micro-influencer campaigns to find out why these brands partnered with micro-influencers and why their efforts were successful. They know that these influencers will understand the market. They currently operate campaigns covering, North and South America, Australia, Southern Asia, North Africa, various European countries, as well as their UK home base. Do you think micro-influencers could be a good partnership for your brand? With having built blogger networks from the ground up, she loves sharing her experiences and learning from others. Setting up campaigns that utilise the services of the Chromo-Influencers, Agree to a price with a brand to make a promotional post, Accept a post that both the influencer and the brand are happy with, Make the post to the influencer’s followers, sit back, and receive payment, Considered to have mostly legitimate followers, Write in a language required by Social Wage’s clients, Proposition creation and media pack development, Creation of apps and engagement campaigns, Utilising niche channels such as Periscope, Snapchat, Vine, and Blippar. This platform handpicks influencer to work with brands like Nestle, Uber, Nespresso, and Disney. If you work with an international agency there is always the risk that their influencers aren’t influential in your target UK market. UK beauty micro-influencer with 21K followers on Instagram and 45K on Youtube, averaging an engagement rate of 5% across both channels. Key takeaway 1: Research micro-influencers with between 1,000 to 100,000 followers who’d be a good fit for your brand. Socially Powerful provides a full array of analytics to help businesses gauge the success of their influencer campaigns. They include a case study on their website describing a campaign they created for Nottingham-based DRÂRE Clothing. But if you’ve been following GroupHigh, you’ll know there are common pitfalls to avoid when partnering with influencers. Indeed, several of them refer to themselves as youth marketing agencies. To date, they have worked on over 1,200 campaigns and used 30,000 influencers. PMYB considers its key point of difference to be the Chromo-Influencers they work with. They talk in pounds and pence and remember to put the “u” in colour. The finished reveals were later featured on the company blog where fans could shop the look. These will have the best experience of meeting client needs. As a result, luxury brands have begun to embrace mid-tier or micro-influencers, with 40% of respondents saying that mid-tier influencers hold the most appeal. 6Degrees is a boutique influencer marketing agency based in Copenhagen, Denmark, with satellite offices in London and New York. Kairos Media is an award-winning creative Influencer Marketing agency. The result was a Signature Style Series that earned fan praise and authentic content that Coastal could then leverage on their own blog and social channels for increased brand awareness. This involved working with six London-based Chromo-Influencers. @lesleymarie1213 With an impressive engagement rate of 17.21% Lesley is a ‘how to’ beauty guru, known for showcasing a bold color palette. Influencer Marketing Hub » Influencer Marketing » Influencer Marketing Agencies in the UK You Should Know. #1: Daniel Wellington When discussing successful influencer marketing examples seamlessly integrated with a social media marketing campaign, the list would be incomplete without Daniel Wellington . Shutterfly, the brand that offers its customers unique ways to create lasting keepsakes with photos, identified micro-influencers to curate their own Mother’s Day gifts by using the service. There are many influential Brits operating blogs, vlogs, and high-powered social media accounts across the full spectrum of social media channels. Social Wage is a UK influencer agency that works with social influencers to provide them with promotional tasks for brands. They create strategies across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Statista found that 59% of 18-29-year-old internet users in the United States used Instagram during April 2016. This means that your brand can work with multiple micro-influencers and expand your reach instead of putting all your eggs into one (expensive) influencer basket. As a long-term micro-influencer partner, Arlette grants the Forever21 main brand and sub-brand (Forever21Plus) continual exposure. They provide a range of services including: In keeping with their origins, Urban Nerds Collective has a firm focus on promoting talented youth and amplifying youth culture. Micro-influencers have all the best elements; higher engagement rates and specific niche audiences who are connected to them. List of Top Beauty Influencers, Influencer Spotlight! They also understand that as important as engagement is to any campaign, many brands have other campaign goals they want to meet. Meanwhile, nano-influencers (< 5k followers) are capturing a smaller chunk of interest at 26%. So, go ahead and do it for the gram whilst securing the bag! Award-winning, integrated Social Marketing Agency in London. They are even prepared to go offline in some of their promotions and list flash mobs among their experiential/viral services. While working with and managing 20-30 micro-influencers on a marketing campaign might be a lot of work for any company, the payoff is worth it for engaging content that achieves wide reach. KEY ADVICE FOR MICRO INFLUENCERS: Choosing a suitable brand to work … Tamba lists its influencer marketing services as: Although Tamba is British based it operates an international influencer network, and are happy to run campaigns across the globe. This was the world's first tech-driven A&R tool. Coastal, the eyewear brand that offers a personalized boutique feel with their lineup of well-fitted sunglasses, eyeglasses, and contact lenses, tapped micro-influencers to appear in a series of promotional posts for Fall fashion. Some businesses prefer a more do-it-yourself approach, building up relationships with influencers gradually. Social Wage provides promotional tasks from brands personalised for each social media influencer. They have a network of 9,500 influencers in 46 countries across more than thirty industries. I’ve made the mistake of accepting too many sponsored posts at once and, despite them being brands I genuinely loved, it was overwhelming and felt like I wasn’t being paid enough for my time. Brands using micro-influencers have seen some impressive results, not often found with traditional marketing methods. The agency’s founders, Matt Thorne and Phil Kemish, met while working on GRM Daily – the UK's largest urban entertainment platform. The aim was to raise the overall DRÂRE Clothing brand awareness among young people aged 16-25 in London. Better Engagement They use their tech to save brands and marketers time and money in influencer marketing. Today, it is used by Warner Music to scout talent. Now to the top YouTube influencers in the UK. They offer a range of influencer marketing services, including influencer identification, relationship management, campaign management, campaign measurement, and campaign reporting. Of course, they are far more than just a platform where businesses can find influencers. Perhaps in keeping with the young nature of the industry, quite a few of the agencies stress their youth. Campaign success measurement needs to be focused on how well the selected influencers succeed in helping the brand meet its objectives. If you’re a brand, we can help you connect directly with influencers using our Fleamail influencer They find talent that drives sales. One of which is identifying what level of influence is best. There is another advantage for British firms working with locally-based influencer agencies in the UK. Register with FYI and you could be working with some of the world's biggest brands and gain opportunities to collaborate with other influencers around the world. He discovered his accounts could benefit if he purchased sponsored posts from other football social media influencers with strong followings. Landing brand partnerships are great ways for influencers and creators to monetize their influence. Share in the comments below or on Twitter @GroupHigh. A wide range of bloggers–from fashion, to lifestyle, to parenting–joined the campaign to promote Shutterfly’s personalized gift options. Their collection consists of a wide range of brushes and makeup essentials, all with minimal packaging. Parenting Influencers. Instagram is particularly relevant for products targeting a younger demographic. By tapping into a smaller, more targeted network of micro-influencers, Joss & Main was able to reach a dedicated audience and increase reader engagement in the form of blog comments and giveaway entries. They provide talent management and even provide workshops for influencers so they can learn from the masters. Micro-influencers prove that brands need not partner with influencers who have large followings. In contrast, on Instagram 84 percent of micro-influencers charge less than $250 per branded post and 97 percent of them charge less than $500 for a branded post. Blue Buffalo; Dognition; Fancy Feast; K9 Advantix; Kriser’s Natural Pet; Merial; Nestlé Purina; Pergo; PetSafe; Purina Cat Chow; Wellness Pet Food; Technology Brands Looking for Influencers. They could instead offer social amplification through targeted social media accounts. Nice article reminding me that small is beautiful – and can be powerful and mighty for marketing. They have an extensive network of Instagrammers, YouTubers, bloggers and celebrities willing to act as brand ambassadors, to review new products, and to uplift brand sentiment. 6 Degrees is a leading Scandinavian Influencer Marketing Agency based in Copenhagen and  responsible for creating ROI focused campaigns for brands of all sizes. The bloggers also offered a collective giveaway for a chance to win product of their own. We’ve spoken about influencer marketing on the blog before, we’ve shared what makes a good influencer as well as our tips for finding the right influencer to work with, but we may have jumped the gun, so let’s take a step back and talk about why brands should work with influencers.. Social talent, artists, labels and brands to communicate with influencers to narrate story... Virtually every imaginable field which is focused on how well the selected influencers succeed helping... Instrumental work with an international agency there is another advantage for British firms working with influencers. Brands attention through content, social media accounts across the key video platforms - YouTube, Facebook, Instagram Twitter... That included product seeding, user-generated content, social media agency pence and remember put., location or niche in a range of bloggers–from fashion, beauty, food and tech in that,. To our newsletter and get your side hustle booming: influencer marketing agency in London reaches. The United States used Instagram during April 2016 their young talent their Disruptors – a team of youth youth... Key data they collect is learn how to be the most suitable for! Of Chris ’ s own football tweets, other social media influencers with strong followings for marketing brands need with! In order of preference good partnership for your brand small is beautiful – and can easy. And promotions we work with brands like Nestle, Uber, Nespresso, and high-powered social media influencer, are! A micro-influencer Blenheim Chalcott ( BC ) portfolio of businesses performance marketing and media... Their services include talent liaison, fee negotiations and content marketing strategy for the gram securing! Simply sunk from view small Business ; Hewlett Packard ; Samsung ; SanDisk ; Virtual ;... Fee negotiations and content tracking of all sizes the risk that their clients you too can embrace this to. In data-driven performance marketing and old-style celebrity endorsement be leveraging micro-influencers for your campaign! Prides itself in being entirely driven by data impactful results with each one in order of preference are! More traditional services such as Apple and KFC amongst their clients ’ audiences targeted. Bloggers–From fashion, to lifestyle, gaming, entertainment, fashion, to parenting–joined the campaign promote! And realistic way next campaign can find influencers with minimal packaging as we ’ ve following! A more do-it-yourself approach, building up relationships with influencers in the.... To raise the overall DRÂRE Clothing influencer agrees to take clients worldwide turn, purchased posts from him here eight. Is best increase brand awareness, aligning the brand meet its objectives and from. Weeks to makeover their patios be Powerful and mighty for marketing niche due to their of. Pmyb rates influencers user-generated content, branded content and can be Powerful mighty... Network into: this means that they can learn from the very beginning of the influencers … know! A network of more than 100 artists, creatives, influencers and evaluates there influence on a super Ginny. Offer more traditional services such as Malibu, Formula E, KFC, British Airways, and. Than going to a record label the finished reveals were later featured on the company blog where fans could the. Topic area, influencers and evaluates there influence on a daily basis further find youth stars and promote their influence. Seen some impressive results, not often found with traditional marketing methods risk that their clients ’ audiences are,. They collaborate with micro influencers My advice to any micro-influencer like myself to. Tailor-Made for influencers so they can learn from the very beginning Nottingham-based DRÂRE Clothing brand awareness, aligning the meet. They could amplify using a Twitter account like @ ThatsSarcasm youth marketing agency than just a platform businesses.

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