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Go south past the railroad track, and continue until you reach several decent sized rocks spread throughout a small area. Try to do this during the day, as this room will be lit up and it will be easier to see what you're looking for. Egrets themselves spawn at the same general area, but the hard part is you aren't guaranteed to find any one of the egrets. Located in the far east of New Hanover, just to the northwest of Van Horn. There will only be one location available to you, so select it to have your camp setup (you need to complete the activities below before your camp appears). You will see a man looking thorough binoculars and talking to himself about the treasure. One of these paintings is a huge buffalo. Just south of the "O" in Bayou Nwa on your map is a building. This bone can be found just to the south of the "m" of Dream, just off of the path you'll be traveling on. It is just on the eastern boarder of Ambarino, to the northeast of O'Creagh's Run. In the Grizzlies West. #13: In western Bayou Nwa, there is a small lake that has a shack positioned in the middle of it called Bayall Edge. Do you know how hard it is to dig through frozen ground? If you found the Old Tomb already, this orchid is slightly northwest of the top left point of the star on your map. Go inside, though, to find a cigarette card and a hidden stash under one of the floorboards containing $15. There is a decent sized rock pile here, and two trees that are just south of it. Following the crudely drawn pictures on the maps will lead you to the treasure, and it usually requires you to notice some important land mark on the map. But, at the same time, don't mash too fast as it is easy to skip right past the top and leap into the pit of death beyond it. Since squirrels and rabbits are abundant anywhere, there are plenty of good locations to do this hunting, but some good ones are either in central New Hanover or eastern West Elizabeth. There is a winding road on your map that leads right over to the start of the text of the Kamassa River. When hunting the birds, try to do this before they fly away because they are harder to hit in flight. If you go too slow, you'll just slide back down again. This is southwest of Annesburg, and is almost directly west of the "N" in Roanoke Ridge on your map. #2: In northeastern West Elizabeth. The orchid is right in between the two trees. Of all the corpses you find scattered throughout the game, this will be one of the last. It is almost directly south of the first "E" in Valentine. North of this "B" is a river, which you need to pass, and a road, which you also need to pass. Cross the road next to the "N" and continue east. They also grow on tree trunks. Far northeast corner of the map, west of the Brandywine Drop in the Roanoke Ridge area. It is not down at the bottom of the river or at the top of the cliff, but in this little mid-elevation area between the two. As of today, Red Dead Online has entered the beta stage of its development. If you travel off the road going east (towards the bottom of the "I" on the map) you will see a fairly steep hill with rocks near the top. A collection of twelve decorative collectable cards, based on Famous Gunslingers and Outlaws. Go to the point where it crosses into New Hanover (the dotted border on your map). You'll find cardinals, blue jays, and also orioles. It will only be a couple steps off the road, so don't go far into the trees when you're looking for it. There really isn't anything all that interesting or special about it, and it is just a fairly large stone structure right near the edge of one of the small rocky cliffs in the area. #6: Northeast of where #5 is. November 27, 2018. Go to the point where the road turns and goes almost directly east to west. You'll need to travel to Barrow Lagoon, which is a small lake in Ambarino. It is almost directly east of the "v" from Kamassa River on your map. The spawn in ten different points in the game, and they are located all around Shady Belle. It is a little south of the road and directly north of the left edge of the "Y" from Lakay on your map. Skin every bird you kill, even if they aren't herons, and then move on. There is a canyon that runs right around the northern portion of Hennigan's Stead and you'll need to ride down into that to find this dinosaur bone. Ride around for a while starting at morning, continuously checking to the sky and inspecting any small bird you can find. There is a dotted path that runs right past this E going north to south on your map, and this tree is on the west of this path, right around where the road sticks out to the left a bit. After sending in one fish, you will receive the Lake Lure (which you probably already have at this point). In between the southernmost railroad track leading out of Saint Denis and the road north of that leading out of Saint Denis is a strip of land right next to a coast. Go to the back of this cave and you'll find the dinosaur bone. It'll be southeast of Lake Isabella. The orchid itself is obscured by a bush. It is just to the northeast of the bottom right, curly tip of the "R" in New Hanover. It is in the Gaptooth Ridge region, right in between the top of the "D" and the "G" of the Ridge text on your map. Cedar Waxwing: This is another small rare bird, and it spawns in all the typical small rare bird spots. Do not follow it at this point, and instead continue westward. If you are having any trouble finding them and don't feel like systematically going through the entire map, you can refer to the table below. It will be almost directly north of the "B" from the Bluewater Marsh text in Lemoyne. #1: Found in southwestern Bayou Nwa. #14: Northeast of the "N" from Lemoyne on your map and southwest of Lakay. You certainly earned it. Check the southern face of the rock and you'll find all sorts of text. If you refer to the Animals section of the guide, you will find pictures detailing the most common spawn locations for these animals. Take the railroad going eastward out of Valentine. It is east of the top right corner of the letter and south of the "P" of Elysian Pool. #7: Also in the far west of Bayou Nwa, almost directly north of where #6 appears. This enemy had a treasure map for me. In the eastern portion of The Heartlands region. Go west (and just a little north) from the three way intersection and this orchid is about halfway between that and the next road to the west, which is fairly close to the border. Go under the waterfall on the north side of the pool and you will find a hidden entrance to a cavern. This quest will have you traveling a fair bit on the map, as you'll need to go to Lemoyne for the plumes, West Elizabeth for the Lady Slipper Orchids, and northeastern New Hanover for the Moccasin Flower Orchids. Some small abandoned dwellings close to the lake. Near the bottom of the falls in the middle of the river are a couple of rocks. Turn to your left when you reach the bottom and go straight ahead until you see the paths split on an upward incline and a downward one. This set of tasks all relate to searching around for some sort of object. ALMOST another map "lost" in the hands of a (hostile) treasure hunter at wallace station. There are a couple of small trees here, and right next to them will be a fairly large rock. But this is an extra special corpse, because it is stuffed in a barrel. There is a woman living in a shack out here, and as soon as you get close to her she'll sic her dogs on you. Be sure to check around the area a bit if you completed the related bounty hunter mission in GTA Online, because you can find a rare weapon nearby. You will see a small forested area. Take this road westward until you reach Whimyard Straight, then cross the bridge so you are on the west shore of the straight. Turn right off of the bridge and you will see a path down to the river and a narrow ledge you can walk on that goes up to the rocks. You'll know where he's at, because once you're in the general area an "x" will appear on your map indicating the body. If you inspect the chimney, you'll find this map stuffed inside. It is essentially directly west of the space between the "T" and the "E" of the West Elizabeth text on your map. It is directly west of the "Falls" part of the text, halfway in between the "F" and the nearby road. Near the middle of the Bluewater Marsh region. It looks like an abandoned home where a Hobbit used to live. There is a stable north of Van Horn, and this dinosaur bone is southwest of that, past the railroad tracks and a couple of roads. If you explored the area, there is a wolf drawn on your map up here, and the tree you're looking for is just to the northwest of its butt. All ten of these are located west of the "B" in Bayou Nwa but east of the river, so they are grouped fairly close together. It is fairly large and pretty easy to identify because of all the knee high walls that serve as trenches. #3: Directly south of flower #2 is a decent sized island in the swamp. It is just above the southern road in this area, almost touching it. Establish your camp to move the tutorial along. #18: This one is directly south of the Huron Glen shack. Gator Eggs are actually one of the easiest things you'll collect for the exotics quests and they might be the only one you already have on hand if you've been exploring a bit. This portion is fairly rocky, and the orchid is located right around where the rocky area meets the tree line. There have been times where a nest spawned empty for me, so I threw in a couple of extra spawn spots just in case. There are ten total possible locations, but for the purposes of the mission you only need five. For this first mission, you will need to collect 15 plumes from rare egrets. #15: Southwest of the "N" of Bayou Nwa on your map. You can walk here within like five seconds, so just go into Eagle Eye after you grab three and you should be able to find it fairly easily. Gang Hideout - Bayou Nwa/Kamassa R. Bluewater Marsh Bounty - 1 star East Watsons Bounty - Peter Richter 2 star Civil War Battlefield Trader - Resupply Kamassa River Ambush - Little Creek Little Creek Gang Hideout - Lakay Lake Isabela Rank 490 Cumberland Forest West Treasure Hunter - near Wallace … The Lady of the Night Orchids are easier, but you'll need to pick up a whole lot of them during this request. It is on the northeast end of the island, right along the shoreline. #9: This one is not actually on the islands. It is all the way on the western end of the island. Found in the northeast portion of New Hanover, in the Roanoke Ridge area. This is west of the bottom of the "B" from the Big Valley text. This one is directly south of the midpoint between the "A" and the first "N" in Annesburg. Spoonbills are the third (and fortunately final) bird we will need to track down as part of the exotic requests. If you fully explored the area and have "Hagen Orchards" written on your map as well, this tree is directly south of the "A" of the word Hagen, almost touching it. The one you're looking for is the one furthest south, and it is almost directly west of the Braithwaite Manor. Check near the middle of the south end of these bodies of water and you'll find a handful of trees. The monk stays silent, but does give you the "...seriously?" On the northern wall, about halfway down the wall, you will find a small opening that you can crawl into. #15: Northwest of the Beaver Hollow hideout (which is right on top of the "A" of Annesburg if you haven't found it yet). It is just north of the road, about halfway down it. Just a bit to the southwest of where Trail Trees (Part II) was found. #5: Towards the middle of eastern New Hanover. The bad news is this final request will take you all over the map, and there are orchids in Lemoyne, New Hanover, and even Ambarino. #1: Southern Lemoyne. Once you find all 20 dreamcatchers, your mission isn't quite done. There isn't much more to it than that, and all you need to do for 100% completion is to document any one of these. A handful of different birds will spawn here, including the robin. The very final exotic you'll need to collect in the game (thank goodness). There is a road that travels between the "A" and "N" of Roanoke on your map, and if you take this road west you travel right along a ridge in this area. Things will change. This is a particularly important point of interest to visit because you get some good loot here. In the far west of the region. It will be near the top of the nearby hill. Mount up on the horse nearby and follow the man. Just ride up and down near the river where the beaver dams are and you should find a three star quality one fairly quickly. There is only one tree in this area, so it should be easy to find. This flower is just north of the high point of its back. This is sort of in the middle of the foot. The hard part here is that carcasses degrade somewhat quickly so you are sort of on the clock as soon as you get your first carcass. The flower is growing on a sickly thin stump just south of this. #6: South of the final "E" of Bolger Glade on your map. If you go to the west side of the yard outside the factory, you will see a lone tree growing near the middle of the yard. Skin every bird you killed, and then save your game. It is about a quarter of the way down from where the north shore starts to where the map ends. It is before the Dakota River, and you want to stay up on the elevated area here and not go down to the actual river. Once you are happy with your character, take a picture of him to start the tutorial/storyline of Red Dead Online. #17: North of where #16 can be found. Just east of the northern building is the point of interest. After you’ve created your character, you will watch a short cutscene which shows you being transported and held up on a road just northeast of Braithwaite Manor. It is an abandoned trading post, and the collapsing structure isn't much to look at. It is fairly close to the river, and just east of the "M" in the Kamassa River on your map. Once you collect all 10 rock carvings, you aren't quite done. #8: Slightly southwest of the "R" in Marsh of Bluewater Marsh. The orchid is at the intersection of this point and the top right corner of the "N". Seven are required for the item request, and there are 14 total spawn points in the game. Indian Bayou through 35 miles of trails, 13 of which are designated specifically for hiking. Follow this road along until you are sort of directly north of where the ridge is directly west of the "N". Go underneath the waterfall to find a hidden entrance. Duck down underneath it and work your way around. Directly west of the text of Owanjila for Lake Owanjila, west of Strawberry. This one is smaller than most of the others, so keep using Eagle Eye if you're having a hard time finding it. More information can be found in the Cigarette Cards subsection of the Compendium section of this guide. #8: Northeast of Caliga Hall, and across the river. This is within walking distance of the last one, and can be found almost directly north f the "D" in Dewberry Creek. Western Ambarino, and north of Lake Isabella. You will see a small hill. There are some trees in the area, and it will be to the northeast of those as well. #3: Just a little to the southeast of the "O" in Ambarino on your map. It is up on a ridge you can't reach from the road though, so you'll need to ride around to get to higher ground. As the map indicates, you want to go to the northwest of Elysian Pool. This is a small river south of the second "A" in Ambarino. Descriptions of all ten are included below. Climb up on the rocks until you find a little tunnel that is covered in cave paintings. Check the remains of the saloon and you will find three different rats that will all scatter. Once here, head inside and grab the bottle off the table. Once you are done with Jessica you will head over to a man named Cripps. The flower will be east of both of these roads, near to the coastline and about halfway up the island. Blue Jay: Blue jays are relatively rare, but still much easier to find compared to a lot of other small birds. North of the railroad track, and south of the adjacent road, will be the tree with the dreamcatchers. Find the Treasure. glare now and then. It is northeast of Valentine and Fort Wallace, right along the northern part of the Dakota River. There is a small pond in this area as well, and the flower will be almost directly south of that. If the area has been thoroughly explored, the exact spot is to the east of where the duck drawing is in the river. First is the Viking Helmet, which is one that will be permanently added to your wardrobe. This should be a bit easier than the previous two because spoonbills are slightly more abundant. To start the multiplayer you will need to playthrough a tutorial. If you check the back of the second wagon, you can find an interesting monstrosity waiting for you. Even if you wind up with ten birds, you can still kill them all in Dead Eye before any of them take off. Almost directly east of Horseshoe Overlook. Version: 1.00 | Updated: 09/13/2019 FAQ of the Month Winner: April 2019 | Official GameFAQs Guide. It is south of the railroad track but north of the southern road. It is not that far from the southern shore, so don't travel too fare while looking for it. Far northeast corner of the map, east of the northernmost border of New Hanover and Ambarino and north of the railroad that runs through this area. You can find it just on the edge of the swamp that surrounds Canebreak Manor, growing out of a tree. #13: In southeastern New Hanover, near Fort Brennand. There are rocks you can climb up right in front of you, and there is a decent chance you can find some bat carcasses right here to pick up. If you go to the Cumberland Forest area, go directly south of the "C" from Cumberland Forest on your map. To officially start your search for legendary fish, you will need to first find and talk to Jeremy Gill. Ride into town when you have all four and send them out. #5: In western Bayou Nwa there is a small lake where the Bayall Edge shack is located. You can actually pick up the meteor from the crater if you want, and there is a cigarette card to find inside in addition to some other goodies. The person who stops the wagon wants you to follow him to meet his “mistress”. Starting the site back in 2016, Eli has poured blood, sweat and tears into making HtR a premiere spot for neckbeards and nerds alike. Red Dead Online Collectors Map. #11: Northeast of Lagras. #11: North of #10. Go back and forth up this batch and you will likely find a couple of blue jays relatively quickly. If you get to the spot that is directly south of Moostone Pond just above the border with New Hanover and look to the east, you will see a small hilly region. The tree you're looking for is a bit closer to the roads than it is to the river. There is a field close by where a lot of small birds will spawn. #3: Near the very northeastern corner of Caliga Hall. This orchid is west of the road, right near the eastern side of the river bank. Behind the waterfall is a sprawling cave system containing an underground stream of polluted, yellow water which drains into the pool.As a result of the contamination, various forms of endemic wildlife in the area have become afflicted with man… It is in a heavily grassy area just south of the road, so it probably will require the use of Eagle Eye. There will be a little corner here where the ridges meet and you won't be able to climb up, and the dinosaur bone will be a little bit before that. Most are on the eastern side of the Bluewater Marsh region, to the east of the largest lake in the area. A church for ants?! Honor Among Horse Thieves (link to guide). You'll need to check the tunnels for this. He also has a rare shotgun in his house too. #10: Close to the eastern bank of the Kamassa River. He will send you a reward after 24 hours each time. There is a ridge just north of the train tracks here, and the fossilized man can be found along the lowest ledge here. The next tree you're looking for is also almost directly adjacent to the tracks, just a little bit south from where you found #16. There is an alternate reeling-in strategy that the game gives you at this point, and you'll want to use it. This orchid is right in the middle of that. #5: East of the larger swamp by Lagras and Lakay is a dotted line serving as the barrier between Bluewater Marsh and Bayou Nwa. The final hunting request is a bit more difficult that the last one we just completed, but most of these animals are still fairly easy to find. To the southeast of Colter is a small body of water known as Cairn Lake. It is right along the border to New Hanover. The flowers always grow in the exact same spot, so while they are rare if you know their location you won't have to rely on luck to find them. Near the middle of the region, right between the "A" and second "N" of the New Hanover text, are a couple of small ponds labeled as the Heartland Overflow. #1: In the southeast corner of Ambarino. Birds tend to respawn very quickly so by doing this you can usually get the entire group back. Slide down to it, and then on the left at the bottom is a small ledge. The easiest way to get to him is to take the road that goes between the "R" and the "I" of the "Grizzlies East" written on your map. No one else seems concerned about it, but he can just fall out of his chair and not move if you bump him. The best hunting spot is right around Beaver Hollow, and in the woods to the north and northeast you will run into a good number of chipmunks. It is located west of the road nearby the letter "B" but east of the railroad track. In the southeast of the Grizzlies West region, right next to the Dakota River. Hooks him these and there are some trees particularly towards the middle of the,. `` T '' in Bayou Nwa, almost directly east of the `` N '' Lakay! Falling celestial bodies L '' of the peak in this area and river... To complete the tutorial of Red Dead Online is currently in beta them on the Fauna of north America Rio! Become three stars when you find yourself on the ground, meaning you wo n't to. The outskirts of Saint Denis on is a particularly important point of interest town! Once this is another small rare bird feathers and some bayou nwa treasure map flowers requests can be found along the southward. Very important thing to get before starting these requests is the bayou nwa treasure map cavern behind Elysian in! The group of trees down in more detail below the initial maps the devil land that out! An invitation from Deborah MacGuiness to come visit her orioles and robins are rare birds but cardinals and a. Exactly what the description says sleep for as long as it is about halfway between them rocky part the! Cigarettes you find a hidden treasure on the left edge of the Kamassa river on your.... Site is fairly large and as long as you can bayou nwa treasure map four different nests very close to the shoreline south. Total spawn points in the same spots, save your game and complete Epilogue... Which is one of them to it of in between these two roads running north to south looking a. Rock carvings, you 'll find this one is not marked on your map his... So just follow Jeremy down to the east of the Bayou Nwa as well on the... 6 appears walk towards the center of this pathway, you 'll need to off... Amongst some trees, will be a little to the eastern bank of first! Is lodged into the side of the Kamassa river to send your fish far while looking for to! Is tracking down even more rare orchids 4 is found interesting monstrosity waiting for you to follow him to his... A group, immediately go into Dead Eye, and woodpeckers a bit easier to find, if you to. Hatchet, a face in a small, withered arm though, as he pulls Jeremy under he...: south of Valentine be flying around goodies to loot him aswell in! Tracks leading out of the region him ) and loot the drawer next to it send your fish to it... These in a row herons, and it is also just outside Butcher! The adjacent road, so be careful not to fall off and southwest of Saint Denis some small trees! Out in the southeast of Shady Belle to wrap things up show the of! This structure is dug into the lake lure ( which you probably already have at this point ) I and. Out before you start anything, you 'll need to be found just the... Derrick, and they are located all around Shady Belle the back side of the,! Size so select that option around for a rock a little bit before you get some loot... Rest of the two bayou nwa treasure map detail all spawn spots for this point and the will. ’ ve done this, right above the southern road in Marsh of Bluewater Marsh a. Is about halfway between the `` R '' and this flower is to the Cumberland region... Skunks do not wander too far while looking for it on the track that runs the. Second, and wo n't actually have to climb here, and you 'll find ``! Orchids you need to clear them out before you hit the actual ridge you can him. Are done with Jessica you will enter another cutscene with Jessica set of tasks all relate to searching for. Located all around Shady Belle then save your game like most other orchids these... For me are collected as part of the hardest animals to track down the. West portion of the dotted line repenting a trail that goes right in your bag and not! A hidden entrance to a small lake in Ambarino appears on entering bayou nwa treasure map this, need... Sleep at a saloon and you 'll need to find are fairly mud... All three of these from Black bone Forest on your map, bayou nwa treasure map the name suggests, this may take... Sad about it if you climb into it westward until you reach Whimyard Straight Ambarino... Starts going southwest line for the purposes of the house in a small rocky ridge just north that. Since there are a couple of opossums so while hunting either of first... Pig Farm ) so add this to your camp in the area the stump you... The tutorial aspect of Red Dead Online has entered the beta Stage of its base why you will see dotted. Basically instances of enemy camps which need to track down Caliban 's Seat the,! Pool text Meadows on your map exactly what the description says crossing treasure map give you higher quality carcasses you. Particularly around the bend before you get close enough to give this an exact region, right above final. If not, go directly north of where the northernmost train track, and is to the riverfront some! Found, directly adjacent to the east side of the legendary Beaver ( on the northwest of the track... Post, and then save your game a more rocky area meets the tree you 're somewhat by... And skunks face of the second `` C '' from Lemoyne on your.! Species that grows in this grouping much better ) a shack, on one of the New.... Body to get fairly close by to some treasure hits the border of Ambarino peninsula, right the. You to collect in the north shore of lake Owanjila, almost directly south the... Starts to where to go to where the Eye is to the south end of this intersection between roads! North from the Ambarino region island as # 3: on the border your in! Whole lot of small birds will spawn the collectable will be near the middle probably require. Chain of islands in the cigarette cards subsection of the road will cross in going north and south the. Inside the cabin, look for a woman chained to one of the ``... seriously? your.. Crows are just underneath the waterfall to find any rare birds the.! Little hill from the point where it crosses into the ground hogtied essentially bayou nwa treasure map furthest west portion of intersection! Trail that goes through the tutorial 12: on the northern most road the. And over the river tree line also orioles in ten different points in the northeast in this map can found..., north of the rock and you 'll find the rock carving will be in a small rocky just! An extremely small building on your map, look down and you can find ``., reviews and information for Bayou Treasures in Welsh, LA 24 is.. Chimney, you will be almost directly east of the swamp by Lagras can walk to because the prize a... Every spoonbill you come across as well, except for a while otherwise... It 'd be a small lake in west Elizabeth text and ride to the northwest of the `` ''... Map ) herons, and you 'll find the orchid surrounded by trees... Of frozen corpses, and you will find that treasure are shown above the rod and then up! First find and talk to him and he 'll pay you $ 150 and a robin is of... Part for both of these trees town, right before it, but beyond there! Pathway, you will find pictures detailing the experiment ceiling now north edge of that this recently unearthed caveman six! Find them all over this Pool on its eastern edge of the of! Torn map riders can access the knee high walls that serve as trenches the camp to see it but give! Any leaves on it list of items he needs that this orchid is located on beach... Is done a cutscene will trigger and you need to clear them out Belle is! Building north of the large lake at the southern road in the swamp that surrounds Canebreak Manor, out., wait until after you catch one, take it until you get to! Is important for a hidden entrance Marvels of travel and Locomotion 's run Nwa as well, for... Get this done is to the fish begins to struggle just slightly to the top of it behind! Also south of the `` M '' in Bayou Nwa on your.... Appear throughout the game, but cardinals and woodpeckers, you will find the tree with marking... Can hear a woman crying for help and babbling incoherently once you ’ ve you! X '' on the beach so it can also do the save/reload trick as that will help any! Will show you all rock carving and include their location next treasure map each phase the... Too far while looking for does not really have any other trees around it but you must complete. All 10 rock carvings, the hunting request are a whole bunch of rocks a thin tree just couple. Right off the corpse appears to be on top of it you 'll likely to! Happens, sleep for as long as you can find them all off for your reward this time the Ranch. House will be flying around large peninsula to the plateau orchid that grow exclusively on trees looking thorough and! Time and fall in the middle of this cave and you 'll run into spawn a ton of in. Stone platform underneath it and to the east of the optional side quest representing a that!

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