Liverpool In A Massive Fix As Star Man Hands In Transfer Request Despite Club’s Strong Stance

Drama thou name is Liverpool. After a fairly normal day, things have gone on their head in the last few hours or so as FSG and Philippe Coutinho have sent out opposite messages of what they want.

The Liverpool board initially came out with a statement, claiming that the Brazilian is not for sale and that no offers will be accepted. It was announced on the club’s official website,

“We wish to offer clarity as regards our position on a possible transfer of Philippe Coutinho.

“The club’s definitive stance is that no offers for Philippe will be considered and he will remain a member of Liverpool Football Club when the summer window closes.”

While we were still wrapping our heads around this, reports came in from Sky Sports and other agencies that Coutinho had actually submitted a transfer request and wanted to leave the Reds. This saga seems to be a sticking point as Barcelona have been interested in Coutinho and have had one bid already rejected by us.

FSG still remain adamant that the 25-year-old is not for sale and will rebuff any bids that Barcelona make for our star, but things don’t look too good considering our history of selling our best players.

Xabi Alonso, Javier Mascherano, Luis Suarez and Fernando Torres are a few examples of some of our biggest names leaving and fans will be worried that Coutinho could be the next player who could end up leaving.

The Brazilian was one of our best players last season and if we are to lose him, we would be moving two steps back. Even if we get Naby Keita or Virgil van Dijk, the Brazilian would be a major loss for us and would greatly affect our playing style.

Coutinho didn’t say much throughout the transfer window but it seems he does have his heart set out on joining the Catalan side. Moving at this juncture might be risky for him given it is a World Cup year but more importantly, we cannot sell another star player and push our project back again.

We cannot be a selling club at all and unless Barcelona bring in Suarez or Lionel Messi in the deal, we should not entertain them at all.

With our game just a few hours away, we cannot lose one of our stars! Things look really difficult at the moment for us but if FSG are actually going to live up to their statement, they won’t sell Coutinho for any amount at all.