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Why This 23-year Old Liverpool Superstar Should Avoid Following The Roots Of Luis Suarez



The trend of losing out players to the Spanish Giants has been going on for a long time. Right from Steve Mcmanaman to Luis Suarez, when Real or Barca sets its sight on a player, they hardly ever fail to land them. In the recent past, the reds have to endure many such losses such as Michael Owen, Xabi Alonso, Javier Mascherano and Luis Suarez.

The player which is rumored to be a Barca target is Phil Coutinho. The Brazilian has blossomed into a world class player since he arrived from Inter Milan and has gradually increased his importance in the Liverpool team. After the departure of Suarez, it can be said that Coutinho is the best player in the current Liverpool squad. He has won so many games single handedly for the reds that if he moves to Spain, it will be a tough task to replace the talented Brazilian.

Neymar openly spoke about how Coutinho is suited to the style of Barcelona and how he would be a perfect addition to Luis Enrique’s squad. Barca rarely misses out on their targets and if the Blaugrana will seriously push for a move at a right price, they will secure the services of Coutinho. But this is a bad time for the tenacious Brazilian to move to such a club where the pressure is so high with each game that even a bad game can result in getting g booed.

Coutinho is a player who has everything you could expect in a Brazilian attacker and his much improved finishing has made lots of new fans for him. He is a fan favorite, but this move could be a bit early as he is inconsistent by Barca’s standards and has a tendency to buzz out of games. Here are three reasons why Coutinho should snub a move to Barcelona this summer:

1. He will be a bench player at the start:

Barcelona have talent in abundance and it will be a task near to impossible to make a place for Coutinho. He can be touted as an heir to Andres Iniesta but the maestro has at least 2 years left in him and it would make no sense to leave a successful time at Anfield and making up the bench at Camp Nou. There is no doubt that Coutinho has everything that is needed to succeed at the highest level, it’s just not the right time for a move.

2. He won’t be loved as much as this at Barcelona:

Coutinho is loved by the fans and he even has a chant and a flag in the Kop end. His chant goes like this:

Coutinho o-o
Coutinho o-o

Ole Ole Ole

Coutinho o-o
The Liverpool fans love their fans like no one else and a special bond is created between the player and the fans and Luis Suarez, Steven Gerrard are examples of that. He has a chance to be the Messiah for the supporters and Coutinho can become the next big Liverpool player like Suarez. Barcelona can offer him more money, but he won’t receive the kind of adulation at Camp Nou like he gets at Anfield week in week out.

3. Even if he gets a starting place, he won’t get the center stage ever at¬†Barcelona:

If Coutinho moves to Spain and will continue his good form at Barcelona, still he won’t be able to get the kind of attention like Messi or Neymar gets. He will always play second fiddle to the other superstars. Here at Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp can build a team around Coutinho and Firmino and can be a mainstay for the reds in the future. He can become a legend here if he snubs Barcelona for achieving success on Merseyside and snubbing the Spanish Giants is a correct move at the moment for the dazzling young trickster.