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Early Goal Woes: 4 Key Notes From Swansea vs Liverpool



Swansea played host to Liverpool as the Reds traveled to the liberty stadium at the back of a dismal performance away at Villarreal. A lot of criticism was raised for Klopp and his team after their defeat against Villarreal in the first leg. His team had a chance to make grounds in their pursuit of a Europa league spot with a relatively weaker opponent but they blew it up. Here are four key talking points.


Early Goal woes

Liverpool conceded two early goals and were dominated by Swansea throughout the game. Benteke did pull one back to give his side some hope but the third goal killed the game for the Reds. This is not the first time Klopp’s men have conceded goals earlier in the game. Early goals have been a trouble this season and have put the Reds on the back –foot many times.

Midfield options

Liverpool need solid midfield options for the next season as the current backup options are too raw and just cannot match the competition in the premiere league. Klopp will need to bring in new legs in the midfield so as to have better backup options in the absence of key players. The midfield battle has been a decider in many games and Klopp will need a lot of options in his side.

Lack of conviction

This side lacked conviction and belief and were pretty low in almost every aspect of the game. It has been observed that in the absence of a few players, Liverpool have not been able to bounce back after a bad result and their bad form has continued in the succeeding games as well. Klopp’s men will have to show more conviction and confidence in every department if they are to challenge for the title anytime sooner.  It is a tough ride ahead for Jurgen Klopp as he will have to make a lot of changes in the coming season.

Strategy did not click

In today’s game, the strategy clearly did not work for Jurgen Klopp as his team was not at all up to the mark. In defence of the manager, he did have very few options to choose from but the nature of the premiere league will always demanded such challenges. Klopp will need to find a way out to make sure that fixtures like these need to result in three points. The manager is known to be a keen observer and a learner and this is what he will have to continue.