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How Can Klopp Revive Liverpool After Europa League Heartbreak

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By Abhinav Vaidya

The football season ends and now begins the time to introspect and improve upon the aspects which lacked in the year that passed. The Liverpool camp will have a lot of points on their agenda and Jurgen Klopp will need to address them and find appropriate solutions. The Reds finished 8th in the league standings and the heartbreaking loss to Sevilla in the Europa league finals means no European football for the next season. Klopp might not be entirely happy with how things ended and he is one manager who is expected to deliver and take his team ahead. Here are a few things that he might consider in terms of improving his side.

Answer defensive woes

Liverpool did not lack much on the attacking front with some of their players combining really well up front. However, the back line has been a major concern this season. Whether it is a solid partnership at the back, defending set pieces or marking individuals, the Reds have not been at their best this season. Klopp will need to bring a lot of stability and address the defensive woes of Liverpool. He will need his existing players and the new signings to have a better defensive link up and make a solid back line.

Change in personnel

Klopp had made it clear earlier that he is here to bring a revival and a lot of changes in terms of personnel are expected with time. He has already made a few signings and has made changes in the staff as well. The manager had mentioned that he wants a rejuvenated squad and for that, he will certainly need a fresh pair of legs. There are a few positions that need changes like the goalkeeper and the left back and talks have already started to bring in players with potential. It will be interesting to see which players Klopp manages to bring to Anfield.

A goal scoring machine

Liverpool do have a lot of players who are a class apart but they need a man who is an a absolutely clinical finisher in goal. They need a striker who pounces on the slightest of the opportunities and there are two ways to it. Klopp can either with on Sturridge and Origi and make them more consistent in goals as well as fitness or he might have to look for new options. Either ways, he will need to have a goal scoring machine in his squad.