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Scouting For Klopp – Why This Irish Star In The Wrong Side Of His Twenties Is A Bad Move For Liverpool



Liverpool are looking out for a striker and a lot of big names have been linked with a possible summer move to Anfield. The recent player to be linked is the Southampton striker Shane Long. The Reds have been in talks with the Saints to sign the striker. Liverpool have had a good negotiation history with Southampton and their former manager Brendan Rogers was able to sign a lot of players during his reign. Jurgen Klopp seems to have a different approach altogether and this is why we think that this move may not benefit Liverpool.

The requirement-
Liverpool are in need of a top quality world class striker who has the abilities to pounce on any opportunities that come his way. They need a striker who has scored at least 15 goals in a year. Shane Long is a good striker, but Liverpool already have better players in their existing squad and it will not be the best of ideas to sign Long. Also, he will just be another striker fighting for a place in the starting line up rather than being a valuable asset. The Reds need a much bigger name in their line up if they plan to be title contenders.

The tactics-
Long is a player who relies a lot on counter attacking moves. Liverpool does play the counter attacks, but they majorly rely on a high pressing game. It will be difficult to see Long fits under the tactics of Jurgen Klopp. Also, his role at Southampton was different than what Liverpool needs right now. They need a finisher and a player with good pace who can support Sturridge and capitalize on the opportunities created by the LFC trio.

The competition-
Liverpool have the services of talented, established footballers like Sturridge and Ings and they have discovered a young talent in the name of Divock Origi. If they bring Long to Anfield, he will clearly struggle to make a place for himself and might end up being another Ricky Lambert. If the Reds are to sign a striker, he has to be from the top draw and a player who can force his way into the starting 11. Shane Long is not the player who will remain the first choice for the manager. He might be used as a rotation player and this is not what Liverpool need at the moment.