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Is This Star English Man Enough Or Do Liverpool Need Another Striker For The Upcoming Season?



Goals dictate games and for that you need a killer striker in your line-up. A center forward who just waits for the opportunities to pounce on the chances in and around the box is a much needed requirement for every team. In modern day football, goals have started to come from across the park and the importance of wingers and second strikers has significantly increased. However, this does not rule out the importance of the striker. If we look at the sides who have fared well across different leagues, they all have had center forwards doing wonders for their respective teams. Harry Kane and Jamie Vardy are the best examples of this in the Barclays premier league. Both these strikers have 49 goals between them and they have individually contributed to almost one third of the total goals of their respective sides. These numbers clearly depict the importance of quality strikers and also the department where other sides have lacked this season.

Liverpool’s striker woes

The Reds have quality strikers in their squad, but they lack consistency and clinical finishing. They have the services of Sturridge, Benteke and Origi for the goals, but the trio in total has least number of goals than Vardy or Kane. This is the main reason why the Reds have not been in the top four this season. Liverpool relied heavily on the midfield trio of Lallana, Coutinho and Firmino for most of their goals. If they had a poacher up-front, the Reds would have definitely ended the season with a better position.

Is Sturridge enough?

Daniel Sturridge was at the peak of his form in the 2013-14 season when he partnered with Suarez and brought Liverpool within touching distance of the trophy. But after the departure of Suarez, Sturridge has not only struggled with injuries, but also suffered consistency. This goes to show that he cannot be the solo man up-front but needs an attacking partner. Sturridge combines well with a center forward who has a natural eye for goal. An ideal strike partner who presses high, has the pace and the finishing ability to perfectly fit the bill for Liverpool. Klopp should try and get a striker who can bring back the same charisma the Reds had in the season of 2013. It will be interesting to see the manager’s vision in the transfer window.