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A Look Back: 3 forgotten Liverpool Heroes



Anfield has seen some of the most talented players grace it’s field and has mesmerized the Kop since over an century. The managers play the most important role and Liverpool is what is it is because of one man, Bill Shankly. His famous boot room brought success after him and made the club one of the biggest in Europe. Now, Jurgen Klopp has the chance to recreate some of the glory from the past and he has been likened with the likes of Paisley and Shankly because of the aura that he has and the ability to connect with the people of Liverpool.

Right from Ian St. John and Roger Hunt, great players have always been a part of the reds squad. Then came the Scottish maestro, Kenny Dalglish, who became one of the best ever for Liverpool and the most successful player-manager in Europe’s history. Ian Rush was another legend of the game and the duo of Rush – Dalglish in a Red shirt was a sight to behold. Then came John Barnes who was a true enigma and during a brief period, he was the best in the world. Luis Suarez and Xabi Alonso were the finest imports and still evoke find memories whenever mentioned.

In this modern age of football, the legend is a word used very loosely these days. Those mentioned above were true legends who gave their all for the Club and the fans reciprocated with their immense love. But there are some, who do a decent job, but are offloaded when a better option is available or when the management changes and the player has to be sold to generate some cash. Let’s take a look at the forgotten yester year stars for the club who were people’s favourite at one point of time :

1. Javier Mascherano:

The Argentine spent five seasons at the club, but had never got the recognition of Alonso, Gerrard and Torres. He never wanted the fame off the field too, and went about his business nice and quiet. He has amassed in his fours years at Barcelona a staggering 15 trophies. The reds badly need a player, a tenacious leader at the moment and Mascherano even at 32 can be the solution for Jurgen Klopp. He wasn’t recognized much back then and he is kind of forgotten by the supporters, but the truth is that the reds have still not replaced him with an upgrade or a similar player.

2. Brad Friedel:

People remember this American stopper during his time at Blackburn Rovers, Aston Villa and Spurs but they seem to forget his stint at Liverpool, where he was the no. 1 under Gerard Houlier for a season and saw off competition from David James. Friedel was a decent keeper and could have forged his way into the reds folkore if he had been let to stay at the club for longer.

3. Harry Kewell:

The Australian arrived at the club with a huge reputation after a highly successful seven years at Leeds United, but he failed to replicate the same form at Anfield. He showed glimpses of his talent and won many games, but the consistency was missing. Injuries played a huge part in his downfall and Liverpool’s no. 7 was one of the very few players who were bought when they already were a world class prospect. The left winger wasn’t that much of a fan favorite and that is why he truly is a forgotten star.