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How Does The Future Of This Liverpool Attacker Look Like, After The Arrival Of Wijnaldum And Mane?




The Merseyside club Liverpool are preparing themselves for a clash against Chelsea, while their German manager Jürgen Klopp is still searching the market to fill the voids in the squad. Now, after signing seven top class players, the manager’s utmost priority should be a left back, because let’s face it, this is the area where the club needed the upgrade primarily, but until now, nothing has been materialized.

The goalkeeping problem has been sorted out by the manager, even the voids created by the departure of Toure and Skrtel has been filled and the arrival of Sadio Mane from Southampton and Wijnaldum from Newcastle United have congested the midfield. It is now safe to say that Liverpool have one of the fastest attacking players in the League and could surely challenge for few trophies next season.

But when there are pros, one has to face the cons as well. The arrival of new names are surely a good sign, but that means that someone from the current squad will have to give up his position. For the past season, the manager used Coutinho, Firmino, and Lallana as an attacking trio, but it seems like Lallana failed to impress the manager, hence, he bought Sadio Mane and soon after that Wijnaldum, and both plays at the exact same position as Lallana, so does that mean the future of the English is in danger?

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Adam Lallana joined Liverpool in 2014 after a great spell with the south coast club Southampton. In his last season with the Saints, the attacker made 42 appearances for the side and scored 10 goals, but as soon as he arrived at the Anfield, he began to drop his form. In his very first season, under Liverpool’s then manager Brendan Rodgers, he made 41 appearances, but was only able to find the net for six times. In the following season, many believe that the 28-year-old would definitely revive under the management of Klopp, and he did appear 49 times, but his goal tally again wasn’t that impressive.

We all are aware of the fact that Liverpool won’t be participating in the Champions League, hence the squad rotation for the manager would be minimal, therefore, the playing time for Lallana will obviously be cut short and to make it worst, Klopp bought Wijlamdum. Lallana is a very versatile player, who could operate the game at different positions and most notably as an attacking midfielder, and this could act as a wild card for the player, as Liverpool do not have a concrete backup for Roberto Firmino, hence, the manager could definitely use Lallana there in a few games, but the sad part is; the 28-year-old will only act as a backup for the side, and I personally think that he deserves more.

He was bought with a lot of expectations, but he failed to deliver the promises.  Maybe a move back to Southampton will work the player, or else, if he is happy at Anfield, then he must go and fight for his starting spot.