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Top 5 Worst Liverpool Kits Of All Time



It is said that jerseys define a club’s image and the Red color has been the identifying factor for Liverpool. It has been there constant for quite some time now and the fans and the players love it. However, when it comes to the third kit and sometimes even the away kit, there have been a few instances in the past which have led to arguments and requests for a change. Recently, the third kit for this season was announced for Liverpool and it did not receive the best of responses as a lot of fans got to comment on the appearance of it. Having said that, let us take a walk down the memory lane and look at some of the worst kits of Liverpool.

Season 2016-2017 – Third kit-


The third kit for this season is a very unusual combination of a shade of green, which is similar to the toxic color and has an essence of grey and white along with it. This color is definitely not pleasing the eyes and does not have a good colour resemblance let alone the style. The Reds have had shades of green in the past as well and this one seems to follow the tradition.

Season 1991-1992 – Away kit-


Another green kit which simply went wrong back in the 90s. The Liverpool away kit in those days generally swiveled between yellow and white and green was mostly reserved for the goalkeeper. However, this away kit received a lot of criticism as expected and did not go well with the fans. It had a pale green shade with three white stripes and it was not just the colour, but the form of the side also dipped this season.

Season 1994-1996 – Third kit-


This was a yellow colored kit with a printing method which was typical back in the day. It had the logo of the club all over the shirt and looked really untidy with no alignment in the printing. It was a poorly designed kit which was hardly used in the season.

Season 2011-2012 – Third kit


This kit was not that bad as far as the main color was concerned. However, the blue stripes and the sponsor text made it look really bad and was not at all liked by the fans.

Season 2012-2013 – Third kit-


There always seems to be a problem with the third kit probably because of the fact that of its less usage and the designer did not learn from his mistake of the last season. Nevertheless, a combination of purple, orange and white does no justice to any kit and this happened in the 2012-13 season.