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Why “Mighty Red” Is The Best Mascot Out There




Every sports team has their own mascot, they are a completely different breed of football fans though. Mascot can range from anything, animals, objects and people and the Premier League is home to 20 of them at least.

From Hammerhead to Gunnersaurus Rex, every team in England’s top division has a funny mascot whose job is to get the crowd cheering when the team isn’t doing the job on the field. The designs and ideas stemming for these often-misunderstood group of “fans” is wide-ranging but there seems to be one that does a great job, at least in terms of design.

Mighty Red, or Liverpool’s mascot is an homage to the Liver bird and although he might not look like the fittest mascot out there, he certainly is in terms of looks and what it stands for.

Many clubs end up creating a nonmarketable mascot, case in point, Samson and Delilah, the black cats of Sunderland or Chirpy, form Tottenham Hotspur. Though these clubs have the right idea in their mind, the final execution looks a little off and it does affect how the mascot finally turns out.

Mighty Red looks every bit as a fun mascot is expected to be, plus, it is a marketing dream as the Reds have already taken out a range of books and merchandise which can be sold to young fans. The work done in the background has to be credited as Mighty Red was brought out in 2012 and no one has looked back since.

While we were speaking about the design and look of the mascot, the final product often doesn’t match the original idea. If we are to look at Cherry Bear of Bournemouth or even Bertie Bee of Burnley, these mascots look rather weird and maybe some more time should have been spent finalising exactly how the mascot would look.

Mighty Red might not be the most physically fit looking mascot or even the most fun looking, those awards can go to the Crystal Palace and Arsenal mascots but for the sheer ability to market the mascot and keep it close to the Liver bird that the club is known for, the best mascot would be Mighty Red.

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