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[Video] Boring James Milner at it again – This time he levels his lawn using scissors

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By Pranav Ravindrannair

James Milner posts adrenaline-pumping video of him cutting grass

James Milner is a responsible adult. It’s pretty obvious considering the midfielder is 34 years old. However, given his antics, it is very difficult to guess otherwise.

With Liverpool players currently grounded due to the coronavirus pandemic, Milner has had some time on his hands and has gone about it in a way that only he can.

Just a day after he posted a riveting video of himself arranging tea bags in equal piles, the 33-year-old has gone one ahead and posted a video on Twitter of him cutting grass. Edge of the seat stuff there.

In the video posted on Twitter, Milner is seen making use of a ruler and a scissor to trim grass as he aims to level his lawn. He also enquired if it is possible for him to borrow Anfield’s ‘Keep off the grass sign’.

One can not help but notice the concentration the player shows as he immaculately ensures that there is no room for error. It’s no surprise that Milner covers every blade of grass in a game, he probably runs the whole length of the pitch looking for uneven patches, so that he can level them later.

Knowing Milner, pretty sure that he has meticulously ensured that the entire lawn is levelled out. The adrenaline-pumping video has more twists and turns and drama than the DVD Tottenham released for their 2018-19 season.

James Milner must have an immaculate lawn
James Milner’s lawn is as close cut as his hair

With the coronavirus pandemic spreading across Europe, the Premier League has been suspended until April 3. Liverpool followed up on the decision by announcing that all activities at the club’s Melwood training facility will cease until further notice.

Milner poked fun at teammate Alex-Oxlade Chamberlain’s dancing video just a day ago. The Ox will have his work ‘cut out’ to get back at Milly as he will have to bring his A-game to outdo his seasoned comrade.

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Milner is entering the final few years of his career and could hang up his boots anytime. If his coaching stint doesn’t work out after retirement, he can always apply for the role of pitch keeper at Anfield!