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Liverpool could face £55m loss if Premier League season is voided

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By Raghavendra Goudar

Liverpool face £55m loss in TV revenue if Premier League season is voided

Liverpool face the prospect of losing as much as £55m in TV revenue if the 2019/20 Premier League season is voided due to the coronavirus pandemic (h/t Daily Mail).

The Premier League has been suspended since March 9 due to the coronavirus outbreak that has shook the world. While the suspension was issued till the end of April, with the situation across the globe changing every day, it is likely that there will be further delays, with no guarantee over whether the season will resume.

Liverpool will still retain the position as Europe's most valuable position
Liverpool have been the best team in the land this season

There have been calls to call off the season, but the Premier League remains committed to get the campaign finished, but only when it is ‘safe and appropriate to do so’. But if that does not become possible, all Premier League clubs face the prospect of a mammoth loss in TV revenues (h/t Daily Mail).

If the season does not resume, then broadcasters at home and abroad will demand a refund of a large portion of the £762m paid for broadcasting rights for games yet to be played (h/t Daily Mail).

Liverpool, as leaders of the Premier League this season, stand to make £178m if the season goes along. But should the season get voided with the current table in place, the Reds will face a loss of £55m, with their broadcast revenue set to fall to £129m (h/t Daily Mail).

The report further states that a smaller clubs like Burnley could possibly go bankrupt if the season gets cancelled (h/t Daily Mail).

Liverpool run the risk of the season being declared null and void
Liverpool need just two wins to lift the title

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The situation is certainly unfortunate and unfavourable for all Premier League clubs. While it is a good sign that all clubs remain committed to seeing the season through, the changing landscape means there can be no guarantees over the resumption of the campaign.