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Gary Lineker singles out Liverpool star for praise following NHS contribution

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By Pranav Ravindrannair

Jordan Henderson praised for leading role in fighting coronavirus

Liverpool skipper Jordan Henderson has been praised by Gary Lineker on Twitter for playing a leading role in the newly-launched ‘Players Together Fund’ to help combat coronavirus.

They have already raised £4 million for NHS charities to help combat the pandemic. The announcement was made yesterday where a number of players and public figures followed Henderson in adding their name to the fund (h/t Mirror).

The Reds skipper is a leader on the pitch who can be counted on to lead from the front. His leadership qualities have shown off the pitch as well as he was central to setting up the fund.

The fund will be organised by the Professional Footballers’ Association and supported by the Premier League. Captains of the 20 clubs brokered the final arrangements on their WhatsApp group over the past few days (h/t Mirror).

Players will keep the donations and contributions anonymous but hope to raise millions more over the next few months and plan to make it a permanent fixture (h/t Mirror).

An unfair accusation

Players were unfairly criticized following comments by health secretary Matt Hancock. Little did he know that the talks between players was already underway regarding a response.

With this gesture, they have made a united and strong statement, showing their commitment to contribute to the fight.

Jordan Henderson Liverpool
Jordan Henderson is a true leader of men

Following the announcement yesterday, Hancock hailed the “big-hearted decision” from Premier League stars. He also praised the players for playing their part in these troubling times (h/t Mirror).

Along with Lineker, Henderson also received praise for his role from a multitude of Twitter users, who called out the midfielder for being an inspiration to all.

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Henderson has always been the kind of person who stepped up when those around him needed it. Comparisons to former captains and compatriots have been sought by detractors to undermine his efforts as the skipper.

There can be no question that the player has his priorities right and has shown the ability to step up when needed. Whether it be on the pitch or off it, you can depend on Henderson to do the right thing.

A great captain, an even better human being.