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Top Rated Mobile Betting Sites

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Betting online has been popular for a while now but with it really took off thanks to the progress in mobile technologies. Allowing players to bet wherever and whenever they feel like it, even while watching a game at home or in a pub with their mates added a whole new dimension to sports betting.

These days, those operators looking to keep their player-base happy and attract new punters pretty much have to have a good mobile betting site. And, while they all try, some operators manage to really stand out, offering a seamless and enjoyable betting experience on the go for bettors of all shapes and sizes.

Best Mobile Betting Sites in New Zealand

souls betting

When it comes to Kiwi punters, they definitely have a great number of options available to them. A great number of bookmakers provide bettors with an opportunity to place their bets using their mobile phones and nothing but a simple web browser. While some of them will also let you download and install a standalone app if you prefer it, usually you won’t have to do it.

In addition to offering a nice mobile platform, these bookmakers provide players with other types of perks as well. A great variety of sports betting options and markets is definitely high at the list of priorities. A betting site or an online casino where you can play with NZ dollars instead of a different currency is also preferred by the punters. The ability to play in a native currency helps in a number of ways, as you don’t have to worry about exchange fees and can have a much better control over your betting expenses.

A good example of an operator that ticks all of the above boxes and more is Rizk Casino. A well-known name in the world of online gambling, Rizk has introduced their very own sportsbook and New Zealand players are loving it. Of course, you can deposit, bet, and withdraw using NZ dollar and, like their casino, Rizk Sportsbook offers a great number of choices across various markets.

Rizk has always been very popular among mobile players so it’s no surprise their mobile betting site is of the highest quality as well. This is definitely one of the top destinations for those punters who like to take their betting on the go and have access to their wagers anytime and anyplace.

Special Bonuses & Exclusive Promos

On top of being very convenient, the best mobile betting sites are often quite generous with their punters. If you decide to use their mobile platform, they’ll often reward you with a special bonus in form of extra cash or free bets. This is how they show they’re really keen on players using their mobile devices to bet and encourage those who might still be skeptical about the idea.

Of course, these special bonuses come on top of what you can get already. It’s very rare that someone betting from their phone doesn’t have access to all the promotions available to those placing their bets via home computers. On the other hand, for the reasons mentioned, mobile bettors can take advantage of special perks that you just don’t get if you stick to betting from your PC or laptop.

So, if you still don’t have experience with mobile betting, you should definitely check out some of the best sites out there such as Rizk. Their top-quality platforms are fully adjusted for use on smaller screens and you’ll be able to quickly adapt to the new interface. Once you get the basics down, you’ll be able to enjoy much more freedom and betting will become much more fun (as if it weren’t very exciting already).