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Liverpool star complains to FIFA over unjust treatment by loan club – wants to cancel contract



Loris Karius contacts FIFA to cancel Besiktas contract

Loris Karius has had a rough time in the past few years. The former Liverpool number one was enjoying a breakout season in the first-team before it all came crashing down under the lights at Kyiv.

With his future at Anfield all but compromised, the German moved to Besiktas to rebuild his reputation and career.

While he has enjoyed decent results on the pitch, his off-field experiences in Turkey leave a lot to be desired. In this latest episode, he has written to FIFA over unpaid wages and has asked for his contract to be terminated. (h/t Liverpool Echo)

Loris Karius has not played for Liverpool since that night in Kyiv

Loris Karius has not played for Liverpool since that night in Kyiv

It was just last month that he sought legal action against the Turkish giants for back payment of four months’ wages, which he alleged the club had not paid him. The player’s decision to leave has also been confirmed by Besiktas board member Erdal Torunogullari.

He more or less revealed that the player hasn’t been paid by admitting that Karius expects payment for the months that he has not played.

“He wants to leave and that’s his decision. We don’t want to make an undeserved payment.”

The German made 25 appearances this season before the season was suspended. Going by the current standoff, it would appear that he will not be donning Besiktas colours again.

A new breed

A return to Liverpool will be on the cards if his contract is terminated. He will return to a different club than the one he left, with the position between the sticks now a strength for the Merseysiders.

Loris Karius

Karius is a talented keeper who just needs a rub of the luck

Alisson Becker is the undisputed No.1 and given Karius’ experience, he will do well to move on. His contract at Liverpool runs until 2022 and has remained in contact with Jurgen Klopp and John Achtenberg. Where Karius’ future lies remains to be seen.

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If Karius’ contract specifies that he has to be paid, then the player should be given the benefit of the doubt. Loris Karius has been at Besiktas for two years now, since the summer of 2018. The fact that such news did not appear last year would mean that the player was paid for the corresponding months.

It is very unprofessional of Besiktas to deny him what are his rightful wages and call it ‘undeserved’. Hopefully, Karius will get justice and be able to turn his luck around in the coming months.