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Liverpool set to take action on popular commentator for anti-Hillsbrough comment



Liverpool to take action over Martin Tyler’s Hillsborough comments with Sky and BBC

According to The Express, Liverpool representatives have invited both, The BBC and Sky Sports to discuss Martin Tyler’s comment about the Hillsborough disaster wherein he compared the incident to hooliganism.

On Friday morning, Martin Tyler on BBC’s Radio 4 programme covering 30 years of the Premier League said that the 80s was a difficult time for the game before going on to compare the events at Hillsborough to hooliganism.

The 76 year old veteran broadcaster has often been called out in the past for having a certain bias against the Reds. But his recent comments are not just in poor taste but also emblematic of society’s lack of understanding.

Liverpool to take action over Martin Tyler's Hillsborough comments with Sky and BBC.
Martin Tyler has already tendered an apology.

“You have got to remember football was in a bit of a crisis at that time. We weren’t that long after Hillsborough and other hooligan-related issues as well.”

His words were criticised heavily, followed by which he rendered an apology stating that the Hillsborough disaster and hooliganism are “two separate issues” and “there is no connection at all”.

The disaster during the FA Cup semi-final at Hillsborough in Sheffield on 15th April 1989 caused the death of 97 Liverpool fans in a human crush. It has been an incident that caused severe trauma on Merseyside while also calling for football reforms addressing fan safety as a whole.

Liverpool to take action over Martin Tyler's Hillsborough comments with Sky and BBC.
Anfield during the Hillsborough memorial service

Regardless of whether he apologizes or not, for someone who has been in the game for so long, Tyler should know better. He might not be our biggest fan, but there are lines one must never cross.

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BBC followed up with a statement as well, being in rue of the statement and now, Liverpool reps will meet these organizations to discuss “accurate commentary” around the issue. How the club decides to proceed remains to be seen.