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“Exactly the same”- Liverpool legend explains why Trent Alexander-Arnold has a good rapport with Reds fans



Robbie Fowler talks about Trent Alexander-Arnold and his Scouse connect with Liverpool fans

Trent Alexander-Arnold grew up not very far away from Liverpool FC’s old training ground in Melwood, Merseyside. He is one of the two local lads in the first team alongside Curtis Jones. The 24-year-old has not been in great form off-late and has been subject to a lot of criticism.

However, Liverpool’s slips this season cannot be solely attributed to Trent. At a time wherein the whole squad has not been on the same level, it is extremely unfair to shift the blame to a single player. Even with so much criticism, the local fans have always backed their boy.

The right-back has not been the Reds’ best season this player and has looked faulty defensively. Nevertheless, his contribution to the team in terms of creativity is unparalleled in the league.

Robbie Fowler talks about Trent Alexander-Arnold and his Scouse connect with Liverpool fans.
Trent Alexander-Arnold. (imago Images)

Liverpool legend and ambassador Robbie Fowler, who is also a Merseyside local, is vocal in his support for his fellow Scouser and would obviously know that the fans would back him in any circumstance. Here is what he said via Liverpool Echo:

“It’s a natural instinct for any local lad,”

“If you swing it around the other way and you’re a fan on the Kop and you see a local lad, you’ll see a bit of themselves in you.”

“That is why local players, someone like myself, had such a good rapport with Liverpool fans because they knew who I was and what I was about. It’s exactly the same with Trent.”

Fowler was a literal god for the Kop during his time at the club, and the Kop called him the same as well. In 369 appearances for the Reds across all competitions, he scored 183 goals and 49 assists. It is natural that a striker with so many appearances for a team would know a thing or two about pressure.

Fowler has Trent’s back

Even Trent for that matter, there have been very few phases in his career wherein he has been completely off that noise from outside for a prolonged period of time. Obviously, the fans’ backing would mean a lot, but assurance coming from a club legend will boost Trent’s confidence growing into the season and in life generally.

The 24-year-old was extremely solid at the back against a strong Napoli side and would hope to contribute that way as well. However, his natural game of playmaking has probably gone down by a notch because he has been too focused to improve his defensive game.

Robbie Fowler talks about Trent Alexander-Arnold and his Scouse connect with Liverpool fans,
Trent Alexander-Arnold believes Liverpool must beat Tottenham to make the top four. (Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images)

In 18 appearances across all competitions this season, Trent has not provided any assists and that is a worrisome matter. However, knowing the player, he will certainly bounce back and deliver his best for the Reds.

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Liverpool would want to get a win this Sunday against Tottenham, and hopefully, Trent contributes to the game to the delight of the fans and himself. The player has probably not had the best mindset in the last couple of weeks due to the criticism and one good performance against an in-form side will certainly help boost his morale.