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“Respect the process”- Jordan Henderson opens up following FA investigation into Arsenal incident



Liverpool skipper Jordan Henderson breaks the silence following FA investigation

According to The Daily Mail (h/t The Mirror), Liverpool skipper Jordan Henderson has broken the silence following the FA investigation following his confrontation with Arsenal star Gabriel.

Both players had to be separated during the Reds’ 3-2 loss at the Emirates last month. Words were exchanged and the Liverpool star was privy to an investigation by the football body regarding allegations of abusive language.

The 32-year-old was cleared of the charges by the FA and the issue has died down. The Reds skipper has now broken his silence over the matter after speculations from both sides of the line over what was initially said.

Liverpool skipper Jordan Henderson breaks the silence following FA investigation.
The FA decided to not take disciplinary measures on Jordan Henderson following the Gabriel Magalhaes incident during Liverpool vs Arsenal. (GETTY Images)

Perhaps as expected Henderson is not keen to dawdle on a misunderstanding and is keen to move forward. He admits to being privy to the FA’s process and has respected the process to the best of his understanding.

“I’ve let the FA do what they needed to do and I still feel it wouldn’t be right for me to speak about it. It is just as important to respect the process afterwards as it is during the case. I could speak to you all day about how I was feeling, but I have to accept what happened and move on. By the way, that wasn’t easy.”

A model professional, Henderson had every reason to be upset about the accusations. However, as a vocal supporter of equality, he was ready to be put on trial and let justice take its course. Thankfully his faith paid off and he has been cleared of any wrongdoing.

“There were a million and one things I wanted to say – emotional things – but I think it would have been wrong. It has not changed my mind that people must be empowered to come forward if they feel they have been wronged.”

Liverpool skipper Jordan Henderson breaks the silence following FA investigation.
Jordan Henderson has been a consummate professional during his career.

One can argue that the best the Liverpool skipper could have done was to keep quiet and let the investigation take its due course. In his defence, he has done just that

Even now that the matter has died down, Henderson is not keen to talk about it. After all, let bygones be bygones. There are far more important things to be dealt with in the sport, on and off the field than a misunderstood spat between two players in a heated game of football

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Given that the FA hold the jurisdiction in the Premier League, their say is final. It is good to know that Henderson held true to his morals and did not aim for a hit below the belt. His reputation as a skipper and a human being remains intact.