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Report: Liverpool are willing to let superstar forward leave in a shock free transfer

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By Shrishh Attavar

Liverpool willing to let Mohamed Salah leave as a free agent

Liverpool potentially allowing Mohamed Salah to leave on a free transfer, as suggested by Christian Falk of BILD, is indeed a contentious topic that would spark debate among fans and pundits alike.

Here is what he told BILD via ECHO:

“Mo Salah might go to Saudi Arabia. In the summer there was an offer, but Liverpool are still not sure whether to let their superstar go,”

“I’ve heard that Liverpool can even imagine letting him go on a free transfer as they’ve already made their money back from what they paid Roma for him.”

The idea of parting ways with one of Liverpool’s most prolific and influential players without receiving any transfer fee in return raises several concerns and prompts scrutiny of the club’s decision-making.

The best winger in Premier League history.
The best winger in Premier League history.

First and foremost, Mohamed Salah‘s impact and contribution to Liverpool’s success cannot be overstated. Since joining the club from Roma in 2017, Salah has established himself as one of the world’s premier forwards, consistently delivering exceptional performances and playing a pivotal role in Liverpool’s trophy triumphs, including the Premier League, Champions League, and FIFA Club World Cup.

Mo Salah runnin’ down!

Allowing Salah to depart on a free transfer would represent a significant loss for Liverpool in terms of his on-field prowess and market value. Given Salah’s stature as one of the most coveted players in world football, there would undoubtedly be no shortage of suitors willing to pay a substantial transfer fee to secure his services. Therefore, relinquishing the opportunity to command a transfer fee for Salah’s departure would be a questionable decision from a financial standpoint.

Moreover, Salah’s significance extends beyond his on-field performance to his cultural impact and influence, particularly among Liverpool supporters and the broader footballing community. Salah’s popularity transcends football, with his philanthropic endeavours, charitable work, and positive representation of his Egyptian heritage earning him admiration and respect worldwide. Losing Salah would impact Liverpool’s sporting success and diminish the club’s cultural and societal impact.

Retaining Salah until the end of his career would not only ensure continuity and stability within Liverpool’s squad but also preserve his iconic status and enduring legacy at the club. Salah’s presence serves as a symbol of excellence and aspiration for aspiring young players, inspiring future generations of talent to emulate his success and strive for greatness.

The Egyptian King; Mohamed Salah.
The Egyptian King.

Moreover, keeping Salah at Liverpool aligns with the club’s ambition to compete at the highest level and pursue silverware on multiple fronts. As a proven match-winner and talismanic figure, Salah possesses the ability to elevate Liverpool’s performance in crucial moments and lead the team to further success in any competition.

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In essence, ensuring that Salah remains at Liverpool until the twilight of his career represents the ideal scenario for the club, its supporters, and the broader footballing community. Retaining Salah’s services would not only safeguard Liverpool’s sporting ambitions but also preserve his enduring legacy as a beloved icon of Anfield, unlike our ex-skipper who somewhat tarnished his image by moving to Saudi.