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Liverpool legend gives invaluable advice to Jurgen Klopp’s successor as new era beckons

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By Shrishh Attavar

Sir Kenny Dalglish talks about Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool successor

Liverpool legend Sir Kenny Dalglish has provided valuable insights into the daunting yet exciting challenge of succeeding Jurgen Klopp as the manager of the club. Dalglish’s remarks highlight the importance of authenticity, belief, and establishing a strong connection with the fans for Klopp’s eventual successor.

Acknowledging the immense achievements of Klopp during his tenure, Dalglish emphasises the need for the next manager to approach the role with confidence and a belief in their own abilities. He suggests that rather than trying to emulate Klopp, the new manager should focus on being themselves and leveraging the strong foundation that the outgoing German tactician has built at the club.

Dalglish underscores the fact that Klopp’s successor will inherit a team that is already well-equipped for success, with the majority of the necessary ingredients in place. This surely includes a talented squad of players, a winning mentality instilled by Klopp, and a supportive fan base. The key, according to Dalglish, is for the new manager to build on this foundation and continue the club’s upward trajectory.

Sir Kenny Dalglish talks about Jurgen Klopp's Liverpool successor.
Sir Kenny Dalglish with outgoing Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp.

Here is what King Kenny had to say via ECHO:

“It is very negative to say, ‘how can you follow Klopp?’ Whoever takes over from him just needs to be themselves. They’ll already have 90% of the ingredients for success at their hands so if they don’t want to come in and give it a good go then they’ll have made the wrong decision. If they believe in themselves and trust what they have at their disposal, I think it is a great job to take on. You can’t think about trying to emulate Jurgen Klopp, you have to be yourself. I don’t know where they’ll go with the new manager but they won’t get somebody like Klopp. he relationship he has with the fans is so important and if the next guy can build the same relationship, then he’s off to a great start. I’d like to see the new manager be somebody who knows what Liverpool is all about.”

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One of the critical aspects highlighted by Dalglish is the importance of establishing a strong rapport with the fans. He acknowledges that replicating Klopp’s unique connection with the supporters will be challenging but suggests that it is essential for the new manager to work on building a similar bond. Dalglish believes that fostering a close relationship with the fans will be vital for the new manager to succeed at Liverpool and create a positive atmosphere at the club.

In addition to connecting with the supporters, Dalglish stresses the significance of the new manager understanding the ethos and values of Liverpool Football Club. He suggests that having a deep appreciation for the club’s identity and history will be crucial for the next manager to inspire the players and staff and unite them under a common purpose.

Dalglish’s comments certainly reflect a sense of optimism and confidence in the future of Liverpool under new leadership. While acknowledging the unique challenges of following in Klopp’s footsteps, he believes that the club offers an incredible opportunity for the next manager to leave their mark and continue the legacy of success.

Sir Kenny Dalglish talks about Jurgen Klopp's Liverpool successor.
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