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Why Arne Slot is a genius hire to fill as a stopgap for Liverpool

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By Sameer Khan

Arne Slot could end up being a genius hire for Liverpool

Following Ruben Amorim, Arne Slot seems to be the new favourite for the Liverpool job. The Reds have been scrambling for options ever since Jurgen Klopp announced his decision to step away back in January. The original favourite to replace the German was thought to be Xabi Alonso.

However, the Spanish manager is enjoying way too much success with Bayer Leverkusen to step away right now. His team has not been beaten even once during their last 45 outings. Moreover, they have already clinched the Bundesliga title for this season.

Alonso was the favourite to replace Klopp surely he would not want to step away from the helm of one of the best teams in Europe right now. So, as things currently stand the Spanish manager will likely spend his time in Germany until his contract runs out in 2026.

That’s where Arne Slot comes in, the Dutch manager has done a stellar job at the helm of Feyenoord. He took an underdog team and made them the champions of the league last season. Moreover, Slot also lifted the Dutch Cup with the team last season.

The Dutch manager shows a lot of promise and would be a worthy replacement for Jurgen Klopp. Slot adopts more of a defensive play style which would be a huge step away from Klopp’s attacking high-tempo tactics.

He has a reputation for working well with youth and is ready to take the next step in his career. Interestingly enough, Arne won the Manager of the Year award ahead of Erik ten Hag even though his Ajax side won the Eredivisie.

Hopefully, Arne Slot won't end up being a manager like Erik ten Hag.
Hopefully, Arne Slot won’t end up being like Erik ten Hag.

All points currently indicate that Arne will likely be the one to take over next season. Some may slander his signing due to the Dutchman’s lack of experience in the top five leagues. However, this might end up being a genius signing for the Reds.

Xabi Alonso’s contract ends in two years meaning he will be available in 2026. So, Liverpool could sign Arne Slot on a two-year contract and use his services as a stopgap while they wait for the Spanish manager. Moreover, two years will give the Dutch manager plenty of time to get comfortable with the club.

If Slot turns out to be a successful signing for Liverpool then they can always extend him and continue using his services at the club. However, if the Dutch manager fails on the big stage, the Reds can cut their losses and ask Xabi Alonso to come home in 2026.

Anfield wants Xabi Alonso to come home.
Anfield wants Xabi Alonso to come home.

It all sounds too good to be true and it might be. There is one problem with this plan and that is how much time it’s going to take up. Liverpool will have to wait two years with Slot at the helm if they are truly serious about getting the signature of Xabi Alonso.

Most of the Reds’ best and biggest players will be a little too old by that time. In 2026, Mo Salah will be turning 34, Virgil van Dijk will be 35, and Thiago will also be 35. These are three of Liverpool’s best players and biggest stars and waiting for Alonso would mean the Reds will use their final good years under Arne Slot.

While that may not necessarily be a bad thing and the team might even go on to win trophies, it has to be said that this is a risky manoeuvre.

Will Arne Slot find success at Anfield?
Will Arne Slot find success at Anfield? (Photo by OLAF KRAAK/ANP/AFP via Getty Images)

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However, only time will tell whether Arne Slot will find success at Anfield or not. For the time being, the Dutchman looks like the leading candidate to take over the reins from Jurgen Klopp next season.