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“A Liverpool way”- Jurgen Klopp makes curious trophy claim as Anfield sojourn awaits

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By Shrishh Attavar

Jurgen Klopp makes Liverpool trophy count claim

Jurgen Klopp believes that winning with Liverpool holds unparalleled significance compared to any other club. During his nearly nine-year tenure, Klopp has guided Liverpool to unprecedented success, including the long-awaited Premier League title and a historic sixth European Cup.

As he prepares to depart Anfield, Klopp accentuates that the “Liverpool way” defines the club’s ethos and identity and that winning with Liverpool carries a weight that is five times greater than winning with any other club. Here is what he told ECHO:

“I really think there’s a Liverpool way,”

“When you win one time with Liverpool, it is worth as much as five with another club. To experience a good moment is really good. To experience a good moment with a lot of people together is a completely different level, and the same is with the bad moments. So that is really special.”

We all know what he means with these comments. It is true though. Going up against state-funded teams is surely not easy and the fans of teams [read: Arsenal] that berated us for “losing” league titles to them will know in a week’s time what us Liverpool fans have endured for the longest time now.


Klopp as a manager has surely been more about creating a culture and fostering an environment at the club. The trophies have been a by-product of his efforts to create change at the club, which saw itself stranded in the middle of nowhere when he joined, back in October 2015.

The boss has just given a new meaning to, WE ARE LIVERPOOL, IT MEANS MORE. As Klopp prepares to bid adieu to Anfield, his legacy looms large—a legacy defined not just by the trophies won or the records broken, but by the intangible moments of unity, camaraderie, and sheer joy shared by players and supporters alike.

It’s a legacy that will endure long after Klopp’s departure, serving as a testament to the enduring power of football to unite, inspire, and uplift. No matter what, no other English club can be half as special as Liverpool, even if they manage to win all treble three years in a row, or do anything for that matter.

Jurgen Klopp makes Liverpool trophy count claim.
How can we even replace this man?

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Liverpool is worth more than just silverware; it’s about the shared experience, the collective journey, and the indelible memories that will last a lifetime. Don’t think we don’t like winning trophies though. At the end of the day, that is the metric in our sport.