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“Change is good”- Jurgen Klopp asks Liverpool to go ‘all-in’ under Arne Slot

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By Sarthak Joshi

Jurgen Klopp asks Liverpool to respectfully accept the future under upcoming boss

Jurgen Klopp pays tribute to Liverpool during his final speech after the game against Wolves, as he also asked the club to embrace their future under the new boss.

After leading Liverpool to 304 victories since joining the Reds in 2015, Klopp said the team goodbye. Under Klopp, the squad took home eight titles in total, including its first English League championship in thirty years in 2020 and the Champions League in 2019.

Shortly after the last whistle of Jurgen Klopp’s management tenure at Liverpool sounded, the beloved German coach urged the Anfield crowd to cherish the memory while looking forward to what lies ahead.

Following Liverpool’s thrilling 2-0 victory against Wolverhampton Wanderers in Sunday’s Premier League season finale, Klopp showed off his massive smile for the duration of a lengthy address to the supporters. He even joined the audience in a song in honour of new manager Arne Slot, who has big shoes to fill.

Speaking at the presentation on the pitch after the match as quoted by Liverpool Echo, Klopp addressed the crowd and offered a positive outlook on the future. He said:

“You welcome the new manager like you welcomed me. You go all-in from the first day. And you keep believing and you push the team.”

“People told me that I turned them from doubters to believers. That’s not true. Believing is an active act: you have to do it yourself. I just said we have to. You did it. That’s a big difference.”

“We decide if we are worried or excited. We decide if we believe or don’t believe. We decide if we trust or we don’t trust. And since today I’m one of you and I keep believing in you. I stay a believer, 100 per cent. Change is good.”

Klopp insists Liverpool supporters as well as the club fully accept the new upcoming manager as they accepted him. Klopp wants the fans to adapt to the new boss and the changes that will arrive at the end of the season.

Jurgen Klopp asks Liverpool to respectfully accept the future under upcoming boss.
The boss wants Liverpool to look forward to the future of the club

Before a run of poor performances last month ruined their championship challenge, Klopp’s squad was on track to give their manager a fairytale ending. They completed the season third in the standings with 82 points, nine points behind winners Manchester City and seven behind second-place Arsenal.

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With the arrival of the new coach, Arne Slot, a lot of new changes will be made to the club, as he will rebuild the squad according to his system and play style. Klopp insists that everyone get ready for the changes and embrace them with respect.