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Farewell Jurgen Klopp: The Man who turned Liverpool doubters into believers – TKT Opinion

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By Siddharth Juyal

Legendary manager Jurgen Klopp leaves behind a lasting legacy today at Anfield after successfully turning the doubters into believers

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is leaving the club and the Kopites after nine years and successfully turning doubters into believers. Tears and sadness within the Liverpool fanbase will reside for days, reminding them of their love and admiration for Klopp.

However, this sadness is sheer proof of the impact that the 56-year-old has made during his nine-year stay at Anfield. The German is now a scouse and the city of Liverpool is the second home that will always welcome him.

The aura surrounding the Liverpool football club is no longer the same aura that gripped the fans before Klopp arrived. That aura built out of frustration and longing for the old times layered over this great club, the people’s institution.

Klopp's Legacy: Liverpool's Squad Succession - A Blueprint for Footballing Greatness.
Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp with the Premier League title that ended the 30-year wait at the club.

Nevertheless, they needed someone to resurrect the club that Bill Shankly built and installed happiness, passion and values in it. Many deem Klopp as the second coming of the late great Shankly for the way he reestablished the same things.

Liverpool before Klopp – More doubters and less believers

Elder Liverpool fans always ask new ones to follow “the Liverpool way,” but many can easily become misguided nowadays. There is as much misinformation as there is information in the world that frequently resides in social media.

The engagement accounts that attract new Liverpool fans are mostly not even the Liverpool fans themselves. They are just people trying to make earnings out of social media by creating controversial content and gossip. The Liverpool way is simple, it is about inclusivity, diversity and equality across everything and everyone that the club touches.

The institution that is Liverpool teaches its players and anyone associated, with the importance of respect, positivity, togetherness and belief. “You’ll Never Walk Alone” is not just an anthem but it is the way of life that bonds everyone together

However, many of “the Liverpool way”, which is the foundation of the club, became weak due to external factors. Liverpool fans can endure the lack of success with ease but not the negativity during the Hicks & Gillette ownership era.

Rafa Benitez managed the club during that era and managed to win a dramatic Champions League in Istanbul. Arguably Liverpool’s greatest-ever player, Steven Gerrard, played in his prime during that time but with only a few world-class players.

Liverpool struggled and the fans suffered as Benitez departed and Roy Hodgson took charge while the administration threat loomed over. Fortunately, Fenway Sports Group bought the club and put the legendary manager Kenny Dalglish in charge as they seek transition.

Dalglish reign after a certain sense of stability and a younger manager Brendan Rodgers took charge of the club. Despite coming close to the Premier League victory in the 2013-14 season, Rodgers’ tenure created a sense of frustration, despair and lack of belief.

Arrival of Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool – A promise of turning doubters into believers

Gerrard left Liverpool after not receiving a new contract, Carragher retired and fan-favourite Daniel Agger left with grievances against Rodgers. Liverpool desperately needed the change once again but the fans have already given up as the cycle continued.

They change the manager, a season comes where the Reds come close to the Premier League title but fail. This cycle and the behind-the-scene politics when Benitez managed or during the time Rodgers challenged the experienced players caused heartbreaks.

As the 2015-16 season began with more poor results, FSG decided to make the change by sacking Rodgers. Liverpool fans waited to learn about the next successor and finally, their prayers came to life as Klopp arrived.

The German enjoyed a steep rise in reputation after his successful stint at Borussia Dortmund and FSV Mainz 05 in Germany. What attracted the fans most about the announcement was not his desire to play “heavy-metal” football but something very different.

The reaction of the former clubs and their fanbase for losing Klopp provided evidence that someone special is coming here. However, Klopp amusingly denied being a special one and famously called himself a “normal one” but also made a promise.

He promised the fanbase that gradually he would turn the doubters into believers, destroying that layer of negative aura. Klopp noticed something in the atmosphere that his predecessor failed to notice, the frustration and tiredness of Liverpool fans.

He asked the Kop to become Liverpool’s shield, fortify Anfield with positivity and boost the players to passion. Liverpool fans responded and they responded to him every week and every day, without looking at the pace of resurrection. The realization that the club was going in the right direction was the only thing that the fans cared about.

The Liverpool-Klopp era

Despite the huge gap in financial resources between Liverpool and its competitive rivals, the club began to make gradual progress. Liverpool appointed Michael Edwards as the new sporting director and he played a crucial role in balancing the transfer market.

The Reds made several shrewd signings to bolster the squad, deploying the balance between data science and traditional player scouting. Klopp emphasized the player’s character and personality as Edwards made sure the qualities were also there.

Phillipe Coutinho’s transfer saga became the last time, the Reds sold a player with the demand of seeking success elsewhere. At the same time, Edwards procured such a massive amount that Liverpool signed Virgil van Dijk and Alisson Becker. The brilliant business shifted the trajectory as Klopp completed his team and the “mentality monsters” brought success.

Liverpool won the Premier League title after a 30-year wait in 2019-20 and won the Champions League while reaching the final thrice. The Reds won every major trophy they desired under Klopp and they did it the right way in a world where everyone attempted shortcuts.

5 things Jurgen Klopp got right in his Liverpool rebuild - TKT Opinion
Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp guided the club to an FA Cup and the Carabao Cup win during the 2022-23 season.

Under Klopp’s era, Liverpool’s infrastructure, stadium and stature reached the levels that the fans only dreamt of. The Reds’ revenue matches their historic rivals Manchester United, something everyone thought to be impossible decades ago.

However, the biggest achievement for Klopp is that Liverpool fans remained believers despite the poor 2022-23 season. The Kopites are still believers after the poor anti-climactic dip in form that the team suffered recently.

Post-Klopp era

New head coach Arne Slot is inheriting a team far superior to what Klopp inherited from Rodgers back in 2015. Liverpool have restructured as well as possible to move forward as their beloved German manager prioritizes his personal life.

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Liverpool fans are eternally grateful to Klopp for keeping his promise, and for making each one of us believe. We are grateful that he reignited the flames and returned us to “the Liverpool way” as we back Slot with passion and commitment as he would want us to.