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Liverpool star lifts the lid on the atmosphere in and around Melwood



Liverpool star Georginio Wijnaldum explains the atmosphere in and around Melwood

According to Liverpool’s official website, Georginio Wijnaldum has revealed the type of atmosphere that surrounds Melwood. Over the course of the past year, the Reds have won the Champions League, the Club World Cup and are on course to winning the Premier League title for the first time in years.

Placed a solid 22 points ahead of the competition, Wijnaldum detailed as to what the current environment is like at the first-team training facility.

“Nobody [here] will say that it’s difficult to have the focus on one game at a time,” Gini explained to

“You just want to do it as good as possible. We also have a manager who puts us with both feet on the ground when we have a moment when we’re not concentrated on something like that.”

He went on to add that the team aspires to be successful at all times and the results have been evident for all to see. The performances of the players, Jurgen Klopp’s management skills and the relationships within the team have all been very wholesome lately.

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And speaking about that, Wijnaldum said:

“We’ve played together a few years already, so we also know each other as people. We just have a group that is like friends. With each other, it feels like family.”

It is great to see the level of bonding within the team. In football, skills matter but at the same time, it pays to build a team that feels more like family. After all, that’s what gets results and wins titles at the end of the day.