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‘We will be back’- Liverpool superstar sends meaningful message to the fans amidst coronavirus pandemic

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By Pranav Ravindrannair

Virgil van Dijk sends message to fans on social media

Liverpool superstar Virgil van Dijk has taken to Twitter to send out a message to the fans as the world continues to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic.

The spread of the virus has put the world under lockdown and has affected our regular lives to an extent not seen in most of our lifetimes. In these uncertain times, we need voices with influence to step up and reassure people to hold strong and see out the threat.

One such voice belongs to Dutch colossus Van Dijk. The Dutchman has tweeted out to his followers in the hope that they are all doing okay given the current circumstances.

He stressed on the need to look out for the people in need and help one another through the crisis. He also urged everyone to stay safe until the issue blows over.

Van Dijk promised that the team will return to action soon before ending with the club’s motto. A phrase that has growing importance given today’s situation.

Given the situation, the Premier League has decided to suspend the league till April 3. The club responded to the decision by suspending all activities at the Melwood training complex until further notice. The players have been given personal training programs as the club strives to keep the players in best shape.

Jurgen Klopp and Virgil van Dijk have sent sensible messages to the society
Virgil van Dijk sent out a message asking everyone to take care and look after each other (Image credit: Getty)

The crisis has also seen Liverpool shut down stadium tours, the club museum and all club stores in the UK and Ireland.

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp came out in support of the Premier League’s decision and voiced his opinion that some things are more important than football. UEFA has put off this summer’s European Championships, which has led to renewed hope that the current season can be extended into the summer. It remains to be seen if the matches will resume after April 3.