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‘Dealing with failure’ – Klopp underlines the most important thing in football on a candid podcast



Jurgen Klopp speaks with Chuckie Online in candid podcast

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp appeared on the podcast ‘JD in the Duffle Bag’ and candidly spoke about a number of topics with the host Chuckie Online.

The show started off on a lighter note as Klopp playfully admonished  Chuckie-A United fan for his disgruntlement at having a few unsuccessful seasons after almost three decades at the top.

The Liverpool manager’s peppy nature proved his assertion that he is a happy person and even talked about remaining positive after having gone through a losing streak in major finals. We take a look at some of the significant topics touched upon by our boss. You also watch the entire video here.

The magic mantra

Klopp stressed on the need to always keep grounded and look to the next game rather than look ahead and lose yourself. The German remains committed to taking his job one game at a time and refuses to celebrate until his team are over the line. In spite of having a season unlike any before, he asserts that nothing is decided yet and is hopeful he can celebrate the championship soon.

Jurgen Klopp opened up on a lot of topics on the podcast

Jurgen Klopp spoke passionately on a variety of topics

“I never had a season like this season in my life”

The sight of the Liverpool manager celebrating with his team upon the open-top bus as Liverpool paraded their sixth European trophy is a testament to a man who walks the talk.

On expectations

Klopp opted for a philosophical take on managing expectations. He liked it to any other scenario in one’s life where once does not necessarily always get things his way.

He accepted that he cannot fulfil all expectations and will fall short at times. The German believes that there is always pressure at Liverpool to win and the players are under constant pressure to do so.

“I cannot fulfill the expectations of the whole world, but we all want to win”

Klopp has kept expectations realistic at Liverpool

Klopp has kept expectations realistic at Liverpool

Klopp stressed on the need to treat other people as one would like to be treated himself. He praised his players for their on and off-field attitude and asserted that at the end of the day it is just a game. Klopp claims there are other things in life that are more important and implored his players to stay humble and respectful.

He brought to notice the pressure the players are under when they step onto the pitch with the weight of expectations on them. He implored for fans to put faith and trust in these youngsters so that they may go out there and enjoy the game.

“Know that it is possible to make the biggest mistakes in public and life goes on”

The German believes that with the right people around you, it is easy to move on from mistakes rather than be weighed down by them.

On confidence

Klopp claims he has never been short of confidence. He chooses not to think about it and rather go with the flow. If things work out, fine. If not, then he knows he needs to do more.

He believes that his journey from Mainz to Dortmund to Liverpool helped him prepare incrementally to be ready when the Reds came calling in 2015. The German’s words bear striking resemblance to the ones uttered by Santiago in Ernest Hemingway’s Old man and the sea.

Jurgen Kloppwon the european cup on his third attempt

Jurgen Klopp won his first European Cup final on his third attempt

It is inevitable at we all will fail at some point, what matters is that we learn from it and go again.

“You just have to adjust your effort, and you go again”

One doesn’t have to look far to see the effect of Klopp’s belief in his words. Liverpool returned to clinch the Champions League just a year after a devastating defeat. It is a job easier said than done. Just ask Tottenham.

Liverpool are now on the verge of winning their first league title in 30 years, once again, a season after coming agonizingly close. This show of mental prowess would not have been possible if the manager did not have absolute confidence in his players.

He stressed that it is not always possible to play the perfect game and that it is okay to do so.

“You deal with failure and you stay confident”

Managerial journey

The duo also had a long conversation where Klopp opened up on his experience of making the step up to management after hanging up his playing shoes at Mainz.

“I am a friend of my players but not their best friend”

Jurgen Klopp started his managerial journey at Mainz

Jurgen Klopp realozed a lifelong dream when he led Mainz to the Bundesliga

He also explained the need to know who you are working with and to understand your team’s motivations. Klopp stressed that the reasons for a player’s motivation is not important but it is required to understand it so that one can work together.

He also said that keeping a dressing room together is key to long-term success. He said that it is necessary to get the point across when angry rather than show frustration.

The Anfield atmosphere

Klopp spoke of the power of the atmosphere generated by the fans at Anfield. Big words coming from someone who has managed an electrifying and vibrant crowd at Dortmund.

Liverpool turned Anfield into a fortress

Liverpool have turned Anfield into a fortress once again

The German spoke of having no answer as to how the fans generate the magic on European nights at Anfield. The German was initially unhappy with the atmosphere at the famous ground. Over time, he has helped the arena recapture its reputation as one of the toughest places to visit.

Winning is a passion, not an obsession

Klopp is a competitive individual and is always up for the challenge. Although he tries to win at all times, he recognizes that it is not always possible. He revealed that he won’t begrudge an opponent’s victory, especially if they deserve it. It is refreshing to hear the manager stay grounded and humble in spite of the recent successes.

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The podcast ended with a quickfire session where the manager revealed that the last show he watched was the Witcher. He is no less of a champion at Liverpool as he has put a lot of fans’ demons to rest by taking us back to the top of English and European football.

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