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The £762million financial obligation that could prove to be a boon for Liverpool’s title hopes

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By Pranav Ravindrannair

EPL clubs told to pay back £762million if season remains unfinished

There have been calls from some sections to cancel the current season owing to the coronavirus pandemic. It would be considered an unjust move by Liverpool fans who have seen their club put up a dominant performance in what looks like a well-earnt league title.

The Reds’ chances are currently limited by the ability to finish the current season. In football, money talks and ultimately it could be the greed that could see the season be completed. The Premier League is generating more money than ever and it is in no small measure due to the broadcast revenue.

Liverpool could benefit from potential loss in revenue incurred by broadcasters
Liverpool could win the title behind closed doors

According to The Athletic, Premier League clubs have been told that an unfinished season will see them lose out on a mammoth £762million in broadcast revenue.

The amount is a consequence of the breach of contracts in terms of domestic and international rights. The same was intimated to all 20 clubs during the crisis meeting held yesterday.

All for one, One for all?

The revelation has led to a number of clubs asking for games to be held behind closed doors so as to not lose out on the revenue. With clubs now keen on making sure the season gets completed, Liverpool stand to be the best-placed team to profit from it.

Karren Brady of West Ham had called for the Premier League season to be called off
Karren Brady of West Ham wanted the season to be declared null and void

The Reds need just six more points to guarantee the title and will look to wrap it up as soon as possible once the season restarts. Doing so quickly will also ensure that the suggestions of Liverpool bottling the league are rendered moot.

A number of pundits and fans believe the Reds should not be given the title in case of an incomplete season since we have not mathematically guaranteed a win. Winning those points quickly will strengthen our hand if the league faces any further delay once it restarts.

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Liverpool are likely to return to action on May 2 when they travel to the Emirates to play Arsenal. It remains to be seen if the league will resume as expected or if there is any further delay.