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Former England star makes highly improbable claim as he bats for Liverpool to be denied title

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By Pranav Ravindrannair

Alan Smith believes Liverpool ‘could’ lose all their remaining games

Former England international Alan Smith has chipped in with his opinion on Liverpool’s title charge. Not surprisingly, the ex-Arsenal star has urged for the Reds to be denied the title if the season remains unfinished.

Jurgen Klopp’s side are currently 25 points ahead of their nearest challengers. The Reds need just six more points to guarantee the Premier League title. With nine left for Liverpool, the title is pretty much a foregone conclusion.

It is difficult to argue that the Reds were not the best team in the league by a country mile. It is true that an unfinished season could throw open a myriad of questions. Fortunately for us, the title race should not be one of them with the race for top four and relegation taking the cake.

This has not stopped a number of former opposition players and such to claim the Reds should be denied a well-earned title in what looks to be an agenda.

Alan Smith beliieves Liverpool could lose all nine remaining games
ALan Smith has put forward the suggestion that Liverpool could all nine remaining games

In what is an encouraging bit of news for us, the FA extended the suspension until April 30. They also reiterated their commitment to completing the current season once things settle down.

Talking on Sky News (h/t Express), Smith stated that Liverpool should not be given the title as they could lose all nine remaining games. Although in fairness it should be said that he also hoped that the season will not be called off. He revealed his belief that the season could go into August or even September if the push comes to shove.

“Theoretically the wheels could come off, they could lose every game.

Peddling an agenda!

Smith’s argument that Liverpool could lose every game seems farfetched. He admitted as such as he referred to the unlikelihood of it happening. Yet, the fact that he makes the points hit home how non-Liverpool affiliated speakers view the situation rather than be forced to talk about more pressing issues such as how to determine the relegation fight.

Alan Smith's assumptions are far fetched
Smith’s former club Arsenal could also mathematically still get relegated

As many as six teams are in the midst to avoid relegation while another six are fighting for the fourth spot. If anything, giving Liverpool the title is the easiest decision among them.

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It can be argued that Smith has a point when he brings up the mathematical aspect of Liverpool not being guaranteed the title. The same logic can be applied the other way as the likes of Arsenal could still be relegated considering they are not ‘mathematically’ safe yet.