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SHOCK! Jurgen Klopp Openly Talks About Gotze Rumours



How often have we seen that when a coach joins a new club he starts to sign players from his national team more often? Arsene Wenger during his early years, Louis Van Gaal in recent times, Jose Mourinho a decade ago. It is natural to do that given that the coach and the players can share common language hence the communication becomes easier.

Klopp with Gotze

Klopp with Gotze

As a result, when the media world started linking German players (like Gotze) with Liverpool in the recent weeks it was not really surprising. However, the bold manager has said that he will not be focusing on German players. While we took it as a positive at first, now it sounds more like he was assuring German teams that Liverpool will not be raiding Germany.

Whichever way the statement is directed it is probably a good move given that the German players have not really found a huge success in England if you look at the current history.

“We see in Germany that clubs need to be afraid but I think not,” he told SPORT1, a German television channel. “I do not think that Liverpool has become more interesting for German players through me.”

Does that mean no Gotze to Liverpool? We have to wait and see!