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Liverpool Linked With 700m Takeover – Good Or Bad For The Club?



As the Reds prepare themselves for the big Merseyside derby, their team gets linked with a possible £700 mn takeover by an investor from the middle-east. Liverpool FC is currently owned by the American sports group ‘Fenway Sports Group’ who bought the club in 2010.


Who is the next potential owner?

According to reports, the UAE President and the Supreme commander of the Armed Forces Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan could possibly be the next owner of Liverpool FC. He already has a connection to the premiere league with his half-brother Sheikh Mansour being the owner of Manchester City. It is said that inspired by the success of his brother’s club over the recent years, Sheikh Khalifa has decided to make this investment in the English club. According to the ranking in Forbes 2015, Liverpool are at the eighth position in the list of most valuable football clubs in the world.

Is it a good move?

We all have seen the transformation that Manchester City has undergone after its takeover. Big money involves big players which in-turn helps in attaining silverware. Liverpool fans have been waiting for the premiere league title and with Jurgen Klopp in, they have a new ray of hope. Klopp is known to get big players in his side as per his past record and to get big names he will definitely need a lot of backing financially. This might be the perfect time for a takeover to happen as the manager plans to revive the team for his target of winning the premier league. If we look at the competition of Liverpool, all the other teams have tremendous financial backing.

The possible Flipside

However, big owners bring along a lot of interruptions in the system and in the vision of the manager as they constantly have an opinion especially in the matter related to transfers. This is a possible flipside to this takeover but considering the confidence and the negotiating abilities of Jurgen Klopp, he should not face too much of a problem if at all this deal happens.

To conclude, the money power the new owners will bring back the glory days back to Anfield. Yes, the takeover if happens will do more good than harm to the fortunes of this special club.